Check Stats On-the-go With Analytics HD

Stephen Yagielowicz

For many adult website operators, the iPad has become a time-leveraging boon to productivity, facilitating common chores for webmasters on the go, such as stat checking — with tools including Analytics HD — which brings an enhanced Google Analytics display to the popular device.

According to its publisher, Inblosam LLC, Analytics HD is the premier app for working with Google Analytics on the Apple iPad, offering segmentation and displaying “charts and reports like you’ve never seen them before,” with the ability to share them in a meeting, using full screen chart views.

Analytics HD brings all your important stats in a simple and efficient interface.

55 reports show data up to 100 rows deep, offering more reports and data than other Google Analytics apps. Multiple logins and accounts are supported, with easy switching between them.

The Dashboard interface screen offers a comprehensive visual overview, with data drill-downs detailing multiple metrics for most reports. Customizable date ranges and the convenient “Today” and “Yesterday” views, boost the app’s usability.

“Analytics HD brings all your important stats in a simple and efficient interface, faster and easier than checking Google Analytics from your browser,” states its publisher. “[Due to its] intuitive and elegant user interface, you’ll find yourself using it more than Google’s website to check your analytics!”

A free Google Analytics account is required, as is a Google Adwords account, if any features for working with the latter are needed.

Access via a secure connection to Google, free updates and a money-back guarantee make trying Analytics HD a risk-free proposition — give it a try and see for yourself.