European Traffic Strategies

Stephen Yagielowicz

Of all the ingredients of profitable web enterprises, traffic is perhaps the most vital, because without eyeballs on your pages, success may be extraordinarily elusive; making the acquisition of visitors a serious priority for commercial adult website operators.

Traffic tends to run on a two-way street, however; with an increasing number of adult website operators finding themselves both buying and selling traffic. This is only natural, as you need a continuous supply of new visitors to present your offer to. But how do you handle all the visitors that are not interested in, or have already “bought in,” to that offer?

For many of today’s adult website operators, including free site, premium paysite and hybrid “freemium” site owners, donning both “advertiser” and “publisher” hats makes a lot of sense — and forms the foundation of an effective visitor monetization strategy.

For many of today’s adult website operators, including free site, premium paysite and hybrid “freemium” site owners, donning both “advertiser” and “publisher” hats makes a lot of sense — and forms the foundation of an effective visitor monetization strategy.

Bringing a European focus to the issue for site owners seeking to go beyond search and social network marketing, or other traditional adult website traffic generation means, are a range of service providers targeting this lucrative region.

For example, ExoClick (, available in several languages, is able to provide a high volume of targeted traffic to advertisers through its parked domains, search portals and network of websites. Payper-click (PPC) advertising campaigns that target specific categories, keywords or sites — as well as the geo-location of the surfers — are available starting at a penny per unique click. Detailed real-time click statistics and advanced fraud protection systems, coupled with other checks to systematically eliminate poor quality traffic, are included. Accounts can be easily setup in a matter of minutes and are funded through a credit card, or via Paypal or wire transfers.

ExoClick is also able to help publishers monetize their traffic and improve earnings.

Website owners can place categorized ad or search boxes on their web pages to start making money instantly, with weekly payouts via PayPal (or monthly payments through wire transfer), for each click on these ads. Publishers may also link to the company’s own categorized search portals as well as redirect parked domains to ExoClick for multiple ways of generating revenues from website visitors.

XML feeds, a referral bonus and support in English, French, Polish and Spanish round out the package, providing a comprehensive solution for website owners seeking to buy and sell visitors from Europe and beyond.

Other companies offer similar services targeting website advertisers and publishers seeking a chunk of the European market. Each has its own source of traffic and different advertising options, allowing site owners to maximize profits through a mix of vendors.

For example, EroAdvertising ( has earned a reputation as a technologically sophisticated traffic monetization platform backed by experienced and knowledgeable support staff. Developed with input from its clients, EroAdvertising offers comprehensive geo-targeted, contextually relevant advertising and publishing tools in a variety of languages; allowing website owners to advertise their products and services or generate revenue by publishing advertisements.

EroAdvertising provides customized advertising solutions, including PPC, pay-per-view (impression), or per period, such as a monthly placement, tailored to the client’s individual needs. Flexible filtering and reliable campaign tracking helps users enjoy a competitive edge in the traffic wars.

Another entry in the European traffic field is AdXpansion (, which serves 260 million visitors per day. According to the company, its system, which is based on a surfer’s actual clicks and not simple impressions, employs a content relevance matching system that offers advertisers large and small affordable and targeted traffic — with keyword-based ad relevance for effective placement within any site’s traffic pool — allowing, for example, gay-oriented advertisements to be placed exclusively on gay sites.

AdXpansion says its attention is focused on ad spaces in prime locations, such as when embedded within a video player or as close as possible to the content being viewed; reinforcing the surfer’s connection between the content and its advertising. Displayed ads can also be filtered by offer, allowing a publisher to show ads for paysites, for example, but not for cam or dating sites — providing a high degree of traffic acquisition and sales flexibility for a range of operational models.

For many digital content marketers, Europe is synonymous with “mobile access” — although the rapidly increasing adoption of Internet enabled devices across the globe is making this less of an oddity and more of a commonality with the rest of the world. But however you look at it, European mobile traffic is a commodity that you can buy and sell.

Knowledgeable folks at Reporo ( boast of offering the world’s highest paying ads, with a 100 percent fill rate, providing a compelling reason for website operators to check out the company’s services.

“Our network of hundreds of advertisers target their campaigns based on territory, handset and billing options. Each redirected user is worth a different amount to every advertiser depending on how easily they are converted in that country,” states the Reporo website. “We simply give the advertisers only the users they can convert and they pay the highest CPR (cost per redirect) for this targeting.”

Key to your traffic monetization schemes, European or otherwise, is the realization that whether you offer a mobile site or not, you are receiving visitors on mobile devices — it’s up to you to make a profit from them, one way or another.

Reporo says its approach does not cannibalize subscription sales and instead delivers the highest CPC possible in every country it serves, including the U.S., CA, U.K., EU, the Tri-Nations (ZA, NZ & AU) and throughout Southeast Asia and South America —driven by its team of account managers.

By homing in on the possibilities presented by these and other companies, website owners can easily incorporate European and other regionally targeted visitors into their site’s overall traffic strategy — providing a great adjunct to European search and social network marketing.