Company Profile: Tasty Tube

John Stuart

It’s always risky to make a radical change in the nature of a website, especially one that has been established for years. But this is exactly what happened about a year ago when a new brain trust assumed control of Porn-Tube. Surprisingly, the results have been tremendously positive.

“We turned PornTube into a functional tube site about 10 months ago,” says Steve Matthyssen, CEO of Porn-Tube. “We had experience in running tube sites, so it just seemed like the way to go.

We stand apart from the rest of the tube sites in that we try to work closer together with the studios and the content shooters.

‘Just in the last three weeks we’ve had great success with the site. Webmasters have responded to our pay-per-click program and this has allowed for serious growth.”

PornTube launched its payper-click program for webmasters last December and since then the firm has tweaked and retooled its affiliate program after carefully analyzing feedback from webmasters and looking at the successful examples of other programs. According to Matthyssen, the most common complaint among webmasters was the failure of some programs to accurately track unique site visitors and the fact that some programs do not pay for traffic that comes from certain countries.

PornTube now pays webmasters for traffic from all nations, and tracks unique visitors around the clock on a per domain basis.

“We launched a new affiliate program last month,” Matthyssen reveals. “It has resulted in a 30 percent growth in our traffic numbers. This is what we’re excited about right now, and we’re trying to attract more affiliates to join the pay-per-click program. When we launched the program, we didn’t just launch with very good pay-per-click rates. We also built tools that allow the webmasters to export their videos from our website to their websites, and they are really state of the art.”

To entice webmasters, PornTube established an iPad2 contest which ended in August. Three winners were determined by the number of lottery tickets they earned. One lottery ticket was awarded for every $100 in traffic sent by a webmaster to the PornTube video pages. The three winners each received an Apple iPad2. Matthyssen claims the contest gave a tremendous boost to the PornTube pay-per-click webmaster program.

‘Lots of people jumped all over that,” says Matthyssen. “We’ve seen some great results. It’s something we might repeat in a different form with different prizes in the upcoming months.”

Matthyssen believes that this personal approach to business is one of the most important reasons why the Porn-Tube makeover has been such a resounding success.

“I’ve been in this industry for more than nine years so I know exactly what [webmasters] are looking for. I know where to get the videos and the content in a decent format to give them what they need.”

Matthyssen is not letting the firm’s recent success lull him into being satisfied with things as they are. PornTube will be striking out in new directions this year.

“We’re looking to launch a content publishing program,” Matthyssen says. “It will make it a lot easier for the content owners to join forces with us and to provide us with their video content. We will provide them with our services like advertising to create a good collaboration between Porn-Tube and their product. It will be a win-win situation for both of us.”

And everybody loves a win-win.


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