Boosting Traffic via Billing Options

Stephen Yagielowicz

With quality adult website traffic being increasingly difficult to come by, webmasters today seek alternative sources and ways of maximizing existing opportunities to generate new visitors to their sites — sources such as their billing companies.

Let’s take a closer look:

For most operators, a billing company’s services may be a more realistic choice than buying advertising.

While an easily overlooked opportunity, billing companies and the various options each has, provide an underutilized traffic resource for adult website operators; with some billers having their own advertising and marketing channels offering direct ad buys.

For most operators, a billing company’s services may be a more realistic choice than buying advertising, with the flexibility of event-based email campaigns high up on the list of traffic possibilities.

These email campaigns can include customized content (which may contain links to other offers) sent automatically by the billing company in response to your customer’s actions; such as joining your site, canceling a subscription, having a credit card declined, expirations, etc. — focusing this traffic into an extremely high quality stream.

Membership cross-sales present nowhere near the revenue opportunity they once did (and for good reason), but when executed correctly, they still offer an excellent method of driving the best traffic available — pre-qualified buyers who are interested in your brand and displaying a propensity for purchasing.

Other resources include “traffic back” programs that provide links on decline pages, exit chats and other prospect contact points.

Finally, one of the best methods to boost traffic using the tools provided by your billing company is to offer an affiliate program — paying a commission on the sales generated by referrals. An automated process, some billing companies offer their own cascading systems that allow for other billers to be added in succession, until one is able to clear the transaction — a guaranteed means of increasing sales.

NATS and MPA3 are two third-party affiliate management and transaction cascading systems favored by adult sponsors and their affiliates, each boasting a wide abundance of features designed to finely tune traffic flow and the billing process.

However you go about it, utilizing the resources provided by your website’s billing company is a surefire way to drive high quality adult website traffic.