Dedolight Ledzilla Shines Bright

Stephen Yagielowicz

Offering a compact yet rugged and powerful on-camera LED based lighting system; the Dedolight Ledzilla ( is a useful new tool for adult videographers.

This system provides the benefits of low power consumption for hours of shooting, with the extremely low heat output of LED lighting — providing a definite advantage when producing ‘in your face’ adult content — without hot spots or squinting performers.

Given the flexibility and power of this lighting system, the Dedolight Ledzilla will undoubtedly find a home in many adult video producers toolbox.

Powered by any six to 18 volt DC power source, including industry standard PAG or Anton/Bauer battery systems, or battery belts, the Dedolight Ledzilla can also be powered by the output from an automotive cigarette lighter; or using the optional battery hot shoe, is compatible with Sony and Panasonic mini-DV batteries.

This is a huge advantage for shooters seeking to recover their substantial investment in camera batteries and charging equipment, while minimizing the number of battery and charger types they must purchase and tote.

According to the company, the Dedolight Ledzilla consumes only eight watts of power despite its high output, and when dimmed to 50 percent of its output, the power consumption drops accordingly — giving twice the run time of full power illumination.

This dimming function works smoothly “from full blast all the way down to zero without any color change” — a big improvement over other systems that can leave performers looking jaundiced as output settings are changed or the battery level declines.

A LED “power available”’ indicator helps operators keep track of the remaining charge in the battery, while a frontend bayonet mount allows users to easily add any attachments, such as light modifiers, or adjustable support arms, to the unit. These modifiers can, for example, change sharply defined shadow transitions into smoothly flowing diffusions.

A double aspheric optic system enhances this focusing LED light, which offers a range of four to 56 degrees, with smooth light distribution in all focusing positions.

The wide angle flip-up diffuser provides 70 degrees of coverage, adequate for the widest of zoom ratios — modifying the light beam to produce a more horizontal than vertical aspect ratio, because “we don’t shoot round pictures…”

A dichroic flip-down filter readily converts the Dedolight Ledzilla from daylight to tungsten balance, boasting a cleaner color rendition and color distribution than similar LED lights.

Given the flexibility and power of this lighting system, the Dedolight Ledzilla will undoubtedly find a home in many adult video producers toolbox.


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