FSC: Jeffrey Douglas - It’s Time

Diane Duke

I have a policy: FSC does not give awards to standing board members. To the outside world it would seem a conflict of interest and somewhat self-serving. However, in this milestone year for FSC I thought it not only appropriate, but also necessary to say a few words about a man who is significantly responsible for FSC’s success — FSC Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Douglas.

In 2006 when I came to FSC, I had only an administrative assistant who was in to the office three half-days a week. Everyone else worked from home — I was, for all intent and purpose, alone. I had plenty of experience with non-profits, fighting for people’s civil liberties and business, but the issues surrounding the adult industry were new to me. Media calls came to the office from day one, asking for a position on one topic or another. In those early days, I was calling Jeffrey no less than 10 times a day with questions. I would apologize profusely for bothering him but I wanted to make sure I was appropriate in my representation for FSC and the issues impacting our industry. His response to my apologies was always the same, “Diane, please stop apologizing, you have to understand your calls are never a bother to me.” It finally sunk in, and to this day, Jeffrey takes my calls with generous enthusiasm.

He has a passion for free expression that is contagious and a dedication to the people in the adult industry that is admirable.

Over the years, I have worked side by side with Jeffrey on issues like opposing the .XXX sTLD, mandatory condom legislation, Cal/OSHA bloodborne pathogen regulations, 2257 litigation, taxes on the adult industry, intrusion on performer privacy, zoning issues, secondary effects and much, much more. Jeffrey has dedicated hours, days, months and, yes dare I say it, decades to protecting the rights of adult businesses and adult business professionals. He has a passion for free expression that is contagious and a dedication to the people in the adult industry that is admirable. Keep in mind that all of this time and talent has come to the industry in volunteer hours. FSC has never paid a penny to Jeffrey for any of his work and he is rarely reimbursed for any of his travel expenses. And, Jeffrey is a generous donor to FSC.

I would be remiss if I did not point out that FSC is fortunate to have had a number of dedicated Board members over the years who have contributed greatly to FSC’s success. You all deserve our gratitude and appreciation for your contributions — thank you.

Jeffrey is not aware that I am writing this article about him and I suspect this humble man will be slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed when he learns of it. But, after nearly 20 years of uncompromising commitment to FSC and the adult entertainment industry, it’s time to say it out loud. Jeffrey, thank you, for your dedication to the adult industry, your passion for defending our rights, your dry sense of humor at exactly the right moment, your constant wisdom and for your steadfast leadership.