Panasonic Unleashes High-speed Memory Cards

Stephen Yagielowicz

Videographers seeking an advanced solidstate solution for their camera’s digital storage needs have a new option to consider, with the release of Panasonic’s new line of SD High Capacity (SDHC) full Class 10 UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed) Memory Cards, boasting transfer rates of 90MBs, or four-and-a-half times faster than its previous SDHC media offerings.

Optimized for professional use and particularly suitable for Panasonic’s AVCCAM HD camcorders, the robust new cards currently provide storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB, at a suggested price of $60 to $245, depending upon capacity and come backed by a one-year warranty.

Optimized for professional use and particularly suitable for Panasonic’s AVCCAM HD camcorders

A Super Intelligent Controller System (SICS) extends the archive life of the card and its recordings, provides power failure protection, and controls data writing, ensuring the card’s full use over its lifetime.

“SICS automatically refreshes data because repeated playback of the same data without refreshing can introduce errors. This refreshing functionality optimizes data playback performance and has the effect of boosting archival life by a factor of 10,” stated a Panasonic rep. “In the event of a power failure, SICS saves original data back to the card so there is no corruption or loss of material. SICS also equalizes the rewrite areas on the card so that data writing begins at the point where the previous recording ended, even on a reformatted card.”

The company claims that this process ensures that the card utilizes its capacity in one rewrite cycle, minimizing the depletion of flash memory’s finite program-erase capacities.

‘These new professional UHS-1 cards deliver impressive Proof 5 durability encompassing resistance to water, shock, magnetization, X-rays and temperature extremes (cards are operable from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit),” the Panasonic rep added. “Other valuable features exclusive to the SDB series include QR Code Tracking for archival location tracking and management of content, and free, downloadable AVCCAM File Recovery Software, compatible with Windows 7, XP and Mac.”

Another advantage is Panasonic’s free Card Checker software, which analyzes its UHS-1 media to determine remaining card life. Compatible with Windows 7, XP and Mac, the Card Checker requires a Panasonic UHS-1 USB 3.0 adapter, which is available for $60.