TALS v2 Tracks Links

Stephen Yagielowicz

Are you looking for a flexible and inexpensive outbound link tracking system for your adult website?

“TALS, the Track Adult Linking System (www.bigdotmedia.com/tals.php), is a small script that allows webmasters to track outbound links to sponsors or other links in their network,” Big Dot Media’s Dean Wilson said. “If you have ever signed up to an affiliate program, worked your ass off and added all their links and a few months later they close their program, then TALS is a perfect script for you.”

Users are able to control TALS from within an easy-touse admin area, with no front-end files to edit.

According to Wilson, TALS tracks the number of outbound clicks on your site per day, per month and per year — visually displaying the results using easy-to-understand charts, graphs and tables.

Users are able to control TALS from within an easy-touse admin area, with no front-end files to edit.

“TALS also allows users to quickly change the website’s exit URL if a program closes or if the user just wants to redirect that traffic until a website can be fixed,” Wilson added. “[This makes it] very handy if you have hundreds of websites to edit — just one click and it’s changed.”

TALS creates search engine friendly URLs, turning http://www.amakings.com/track/MTM1NTo0OjU/ into this: http://www.domain.com/site/AMAKings/, and displays your favorite links for the previous five days on its main page.

Other features include the ability to import, edit or delete links one at a time, or in bulk. Add links grouped and displayed by sponsor; and choose from several available outbound link formats.

“TALS v1 was a free script, but it was limited because it was encoded and you couldn’t add any custom features,” Wilson stated. “TALS v2 is not encoded, so webmasters can change and edit the code as they like.”

According to Wilson, all files in TALS v2 can be edited and extra functions and code can be added, even within the script’s admin area.

With a price tag of $20 for an unlimited domains license and the ability to customize the software, TALS v2 is definitely worth a closer look.