Trojan Vibrations - Grand Entrance

Ariana Rodriguez

Trojan, a sexual health brand established more than 90 years ago, has put its reputable history, research and development dollars and marketing prowess behind the mass market launch of the Trojan Vibrations line of massagers.

“Trojan has taken the next step in the evolution of sexual pleasure by launching the Trojan Vibrations line: combining rigorous research and development with innovative design to deliver affordable vibrators at locations where consumers shop every day,” said Bruce Tetreault, group product manager for Trojan. “By selling the line across many channels — drugstores, mass merchandisers, online and in adult stores —Trojan is making adult products more accessible to consumers.”

Through the use of a broad spectrum of marketing efforts, we will expand awareness of the Trojan Vibrations line of products and drive consumers to purchase.

As suggested by a New York Times article titled “Vibrators Carry the Conversation,” Tetreault said that the presence of Trojan vibrators in FDM (food, drugstore and mass market) retailers may give adult retailers an advantage by normalizing the use of sex toys.

“Both adult and FDM retailers stand to benefit from Trojan’s new line as Trojan has been a trusted name in the sexual health and pleasure space for over 90 years, and brings an unmatched level of recognition, credibility and marketing support to the vibrator category,” he said. “Through the use of a broad spectrum of marketing efforts, we will expand awareness of the Trojan Vibrations line of products and drive consumers to purchase. By making Trojan Vibrations products more commonly available, we are helping to remove some of the stigmas associated with vibrator purchase and usage.”

For adult retailers, the Trojan Vibrations line is available from Paradise Marketing. According to the company’s CEO Dennis Paradise, since his company began carrying Trojan’s collection in early March, “it has been like watching fireworks,” he said.

Paradise added that another benefit to the major brand’s latest venture is that its inventory will never dry up.

The Trojan Vibrations line includes the Tri-Phoria multispeed vibe with interchangeable tips; the Vibrating Pulse clit stimulating vibe; the Touch finger vibe and the Vibrating Mini massager. The line also includes three cock rings: a multispeed ring, a duo motor vibrating ring and Intimate Vibrating Ring with raised dots for her pleasure.

In the summer Trojan will roll out its newest addition to the Vibrations collection with the debut of its first insertable vibe — the Trojan Vibrating Twister, which features four unique twistable positions, five speeds and three pulse patterns.

The Tri-Phoria retails at $39.99, and features five speeds and three pulse patterns. Its three interchangeable silicone tips include a domed tip, a flickering tip and a hard stimulator tip. The Pulse retails at $29.99, and features three speeds and three pulse patterns and a silicone tip. Both waterproof vibrators come with batteries and satin pouch.

“Trojan Tri-Phoria is like three vibrators in one as it comes with three high quality, interchangeable tips that help provide a variety of sensations including the feelings of firm pressure, and focused stimulation,” Tetreault said. “With eight different settings including five speeds and three varying pulse patterns, Trojan Tri-Phoria offers 24 unique combinations. Its unparalleled combination of pleasure options allows users to customize their stimulation.”

The Touch retails at $17.99 and is washable and reusable. The waterproof Trojan Mini bullet vibe retails for $20.99. Both products come with a storage pouch, batteries and Trojan premium latex condom.

The Trojan Vibrating Ring features four settings and lasts up to 20 minutes. Retailing at $12.99, the ring also comes with a condom. For the same price, shoppers can choose the Vibrating Ring duo, featuring two separate motors that can be activated independently. Each motor lasts up to 30 minutes. Lastly, Trojan’s simple Vibrating Ring retails at $11.99 and lasts up to 30 minutes.

Packaging of the Trojan Vibrations line is designed to catch the eyes of both men and women, Tetreault said. “This led us to the premium hour glass shaped package and premium purple design.”

According to Tetreault, similar to Trojan’s condoms, each of the company’s vibrating devices goes through a rigorous check-point testing process to achieve the Trojan Quality Seal.

In preparation for the launch of Trojan Vibrations, the company said it enlisted a team of sexologists, psychologists and medical doctors, as well as experts in the fields of product safety, chemical safety and ergonomics to help establish and refine the new line.

Additionally, for guidance, Trojan said it partnered with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University to conduct a national study on the usage of vibrators among American adults and is using the findings to inform future product development.

“In 2008, Trojan commissioned the largest survey of vibrator use among American women and men ever conducted,” Tretreault said. “The Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion Vibrator and Sexual Health Study revealed that vibrators are no longer a taboo topic. Today, couples are using and embracing vibrators more than ever before. According to the study, more than half of American women (53 percent) and close to half of all American men (45 percent) have used a vibrator in their lifetime, and 80 percent of those women claim they use vibrators with their partners.”

When it comes to marketing, Tretreault said that Trojan Tri-Phoria Intimate Massager is supported with a television advertising campaign, which runs across several major cable networks including: Viacom’s Comedy Central (“Daily Show”, “Colbert Report”, “South Park”), MTV/VH-1 (“Dance Your Ass Off”, “Hair Battle Spectacular”, “Bad Girls” and “Snapped”), SPIKE, LOGO, and Discovery Health.

In January, Trojan also presented the entire new Vibrations line at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas. “For the first time ever Trojan provided an inside look at what goes into its personal technology product innovations,” Tretreault said.

According to Paradise, it’s the marketing and advertising that sets Trojan’s line of vibrators apart. The wide-reaching promo campaign may send traffic to adult retailers, he said.