Steady as They Come

Saskia Vogel

Vibrating toys have plenty of bells and whistles to draw customers’ attentions to — speed, technology, texture, realism — but what makes a nonvibrating toy hit the spot?

Unlike their buzzier cousins, non-vibrating toys have the charms of the strong, silent type: streamlined, high functioning and capable of helping deliver out- of-this-world orgasms.

In order to stay innovative in the non-vibrating adult toy market you need to have unbeatable functionality coupled with unparalleled quality.

XBIZ talked with Aneros, Luxotiq, Nexus Range, Nob Essence and Steele Malone to find out what makes their non-vibes stand out.

Knowledge is Pleasure

Hand in hand with a sense of exclusivity and beauty is the knowledge to use the toy to maximum effect.

They say nothing looks as good as feeling good, and the idea that sex toys can be good for your health is one compelling USP (Unique Selling Point.)

“As well as being highly pleasurable, many of our toys have the added bonus of falling under the ‘sexual wellness’ category,” Pearce said.

She adds, “Our polypropylene toys are the most hygienic and durable around, whilst our hand brushed silicone toys are sensually tactile in the most alluring way.”

Ben Wa is an industry heritage brand that has understood the importance of an innovative product that does good, looks good and feels good. The balls knocking against each other inside a woman can apparently create an epic orgasm. Not to mention, the balls are also used for Kegel exercises.

Aneros’s debut as an adult brand was a direct result of the nexus of pleasure, functionality and the promotion of prostate health. Their brand was based on science and knowledge from the get-go — designed to work with the body’s contractions and deliver hands-free prostate stimulation. The so-called “Super O” men kept telling them about was an unexpected by-product.

With materials like steel, wood and glass, customers can explore a host of new sensations, lube, rhythm and even vibration, if they want to affix a bullet vibe around the shaft of one of these toys. Without moving parts, non-vibrating toys can last a lifetime unless mishandled (negating any hesitancy over the price point), and these hard materials are a cinch to keep clean.

Keeping it Fresh

Innovation takes on a different meaning in the non-vibrating toy market. Nexus Range Chloe Pearce, a company focused on male pleasure products, speaks words that are echoed by all with whom we spoke: “In order to stay innovative in the non-vibrating adult toy market you need to have unbeatable functionality coupled with unparalleled quality.”

Jake from Luxotiq, lux products for everyone, adds that this presents certain challenges: there are a limited number of shapes that have the functionality needed for a successful product with curves to make you swoon.

For his striking “dilettos,” Steele Malone uses Venetian glass-making techniques, the roots of which date back to the 13th century. For him, innovation is about the concept. Malone says, “Application of color, shape and functional form are important to me as well as including a clear statement in the art behind the collection.”

Innovation for Aneros, makers of the male prostate toys based on a design where every curve and angle serves a specific medical purpose, lays first with its patents, and then with education and aesthetics. CT from Aneros says, “Embracing innovation, quality and the human anatomy is what has brought Aneros to the level it is at now.”

Members Only

Being a connoisseur of erotic tools is just one part of their exclusivity.

For Aneros, patents ensure only its customers get the signature experience. CT says, “Many similar products attempt to mimic our look, but because of the patents we hold and the quality of materials we use, they don’t even come close.”

For Steele Malone: it’s about art and limited quantities. There are only four Steele Malone collections per year, and no more than 1,000 of each style.

Malone says, “Once they are sold out they are gone, and you will have to wait until the next release to have the opportunity to purchase one.”

Luxotiq takes a different approach. They want to reach the mass market. With its clean, elegant packaging and sleek, minimalist toys, it seems one can’t go wrong with a Luxotiq product.

Selling Power

With sex toys getting a firm hold in the mainstream, there’s a huge opportunity to turn your customers into connoisseurs. Sex toys aren’t just substitutes for the real thing, but a different way to connect with themselves and their lovers. “We live in a world of instant gratification, which is why vibrating toys definitely saturate the market,” CT says. But with non-vibrating toys, Chloe counters, “Users invest time into exploring other ways to reach fulfillment and are able to enjoy deeper, longer lasting sensations.”

Erotic Art

The non-vibrating toy market is all about functional aesthetics.

The Nexus Stilo, a prostate massager, is a case in point. With its mirror-shine polished stainless steel, it looks more like a piece of jewelry than an anal toy. They weight of the steel adds to the toy’s effect, and it also facilitates temperature play.

Like Aneros, NobEssence’s “exotic hardwood sculptures” take a cue from anatomy and physiological responses to stimulation. Says Alicia, “For example, we took internal molds from some of our volunteer testers to develop the shape for our anal toy — Romp.”

Not only that, but customers can choose which wood they want their toy to be made of. Purple Heart, Cocobolo and Canary Wood — woods with names as poetic as they are lovely.

“We feel that if one is to have an intimate relationship with anything, it should be as beautiful as it is functional,” Alicia says. To add, their signature coating Lubrosity and the way they refine the wood means that splinters are never an issue.

Malone echoes the importance of an emotional connection with the toy. He wants you to fall in love with the artistry and be a proud owner: “We build a relationship through our art.”

CT from Aneros sums it up well: “The challenge with non-vibrating sex toys is that you don’t have the stimulation benefit from vibration, so design is everything. Size, texture, shape, materials and even color can all play a huge role in the overall experience.”