The Birth of the Pornorazzi

Roy Karch

It has occurred to me that we have given birth once again to an entire new industry accompanied by its own job description complete with its own members, rules, regulations and hierarchy — the adult press corps, or the Pornorazzi!

They appeared out of the ether one night, cameras at the ready all lined up set to click away. Then, we came. Peacocks were we, one and all with our feathers spread wide before them. Proudly, we flaunted and preened in front of them and for them as they called out poses each vying for the perfect smile or the perfect tease … for the shot. These were the Pornorazzi.

The Pornorazzi have created their own niche within the already niche-ridden porn industry.

In an industry in which the stars are the commodity, and as perfect bodies are revealed in more lusciously lascivious ways each day, and when a nip here and an undetectable tuck there with regular gym workouts have become de rigor, the Pornorazzi have created their own niche within the already niche-ridden porn industry. Good for them.

I remember when there was no pornography. I remember when it was only a myth. Well, nobody spoke about it. Nobody was interested in seeing people really “doing it.” And consequently no one admitted to watching it. Nobody. I remember those days. The days when no one was “out” yet. There was no press about porn to speak of. Each big city had their local indie freebie, a paper that covered the seedier side of their town with reports of the local freaks getting their rocks off at the freaky swingers’ parties of course. However, there was no national discussion whatsoever about porn. It didn’t exist. Before the eighties there were no trade mags or industry rags.

Needless to say, because there was no such thing as a porn industry, there were no events, no awards, no elaborate parties, no Porn Star Karaoke, no porn stars! Can you imagine that, no porn stars? In fact, the pre-event red carpet parade is regarded with more esteem than any of the events themselves. After all, as I told Gerry Damiano on my “Underground Tonight Show” in 1974, “The airwaves belong to the people.” There oughta be a law.

Finally there was a law. In fact the laws changed, and at a great emotional and financial cost to so many. Finally an industry of outlaws was allowed to be a functioning part of a free society.

Finally. New opportunities became realities. Businesses opened. They grew, then thrived. They paid for advertising out in the open. As if suddenly, but not really, everyone was watching porn. America had finally joined the rest of the world, and then we led the pack. A new jargon had been created mostly in new abbreviations. A d.p., b/g, b/b/g, IR, GB, then porn star, sex scene, popshot, reverse cowgirl, and so on.

We saw the advent of Hot Times Magazine for a brief moment. Adult Video News then took the ball and has been running with it for more than two decades. XBIZ Premiere and XBIZ World have filled the gap between video and web technology. They have become a leader and a force in the new adult press machine supplying their readers with timely, valuable and educational information on a monthly basis.

New delivery systems within the industry have created a demand for new delivery methods for the press. TMZ had changed the look and the feel of adult-oriented news. Their traveling reporters and cameramen capture lurid images of our celebrities in ways not seen on television or in print before. It has become time again for a new breed. A band of wandering reporters all intent on reporting everything about the on-camera celebrities of the smut trade: Yes, The Pornorazzi.

This new breed of journalistic scribes and photographers — armed with their Iphone’s, Blackberry’s and digital cameras — arrive in full force, in essence having the effect of creating the new starlets of tomorrow. Some come direct from Peoria, having done two scenes and a g/g with toys. Then it’s meet Miss Shorttighttskirtthang and follow her Twitter why don’tcha, with her Facebook “friends” and her fellow porn stars — all arriving for the illustrious red carpet.

No matter the event, be it XRCO Awards or XBIZ Awards, or PSK or Adultcon, Glamourcon or the death of a legend, the Pornorazzi creates the next wave of the forgotten before they are even thought of as anything more than a dream on the boulevard of broken dreams in Hollywood.

Yes, the Pornorazzi does exist.

You decide…shameless self-promotion or a necessary evil?

Just … Don’t Get Me Started!

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