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Tim Crawford

When we speak of sexual enhancements, many people automatically think about pills. Indeed, popping pills seems to have become an essential part of the sexual experience. Originally designed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), herbal substitutes have proliferated at an amazing pace.

But pills are not the only products used for the enhancement of sexual pleasure. There are many other potions, lotions and gels that can stimulate and please.

But pills are not the only products used for the enhancement of sexual pleasure. There are many other potions, lotions and gels ...

Personal lubricants: A great way to enhance the sexual experience. Many people had their first experience with these at the doctor’s office. It was thick, gooey and cold! The field has advanced quite a bit since then. Now there are lubes with many different consistencies, sensory actions and flavors. There are different types of lubricants as well.

Silicone lubricants are known for their long-lasting action, even underwater. They can be difficult to wash off, but probably won’t stain most fabrics.

Water-based lubricants can be fun. You can get them thick, thin or anywhere in-between. They can also heat, cool or tingle! Water-based lubricants are great for flavoring. And while you can find lubes with exotic tastes like black currant or kiwi-goji berry, most people love strawberry and cherry the best. There is a great variety out there with something for everyone. Of course, the downside of water-based lubes is that they can dry out and you may need to reapply or add water to get it going again.

Oil-based lubes or cream lubricants are still popular as well, perhaps not as popular as water-based or silicone, but are still available. Of course the downside is that oil weakens latex, so please do not use these lubes with condoms!

There are two more classes of sexual enhancement products to discuss: anatomy-specific and overthe-counter (OTC) drugs.

The main OTC drug is the male genital desensitizer. The active ingredient is either Benzocaine in a cream, ointment or gel base or Lidocaine in a spray. These are applied to the head of the penis, desensitizing it to prevent premature ejaculation. So by lengthening the time spent during intercourse, the greater the enhancement of pleasure. In case you’re wondering how short is too short, the answer is that if it bothers you or your partner, then you should give them a try.

Anatomy-specific products are just that, designed for a specific part of the body. These include clitoral stimulation products, nipple products, vaginal tighteners, even deodorants. Their purpose is to make you more excitable and ready to play. In fact, that is the goal of all sexual enhancement products. To help you and your partner enjoy sexual encounters even more.

While we would be happy to sell you all of the products listed above and more, the best sexual enhancement we have found is an attentive giving partner who values your pleasure as much as theirs. And that is priceless.

For the last year, Tim Crawford has been the scientific director of Doc Johnson. He received his degree from the University of Northern Iowa and is in his 28th year of being a formulating chemist. Crawford has developed products and led the research teams servicing some of the biggest names in the global cosmetic and OTC market.