A Look at Glyph PortaGig 62

Stephen Yagielowicz

Could you use a 3TB, production quality portable RAID that literally fits in the palm of your hand? For content producers, video editors and other creative types on the move — as well as anyone with limited space and demanding data storage needs, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Enter the PortaGig 62, by Glyph Production Technologies (www.glyphtech.com), the little brother to Glyph’s more powerful, rack mountable, GT 062E RAID.

The PortaGig 62 offers storage capacities of up to 3TB, with an extremely compact footprint.

According to the company, the PortaGig 62 offers storage capacities of up to 3TB, with an extremely compact footprint. The enclosure contains two internal SATA drives (available in 5,400 or 7,200 RPM) and supports RAID 0, RAID 1 and Spanning modes. The Glyph Manager software takes the guesswork out of drive reliability concerns, by constantly monitoring the health of the drives and their enclosure — notifying users and administrators before any problems occur.

Flexible connectivity, plus a variety of power options, enhances this unit’s usefulness.

For example, while many video-centric users will want to use the PortaGig 62’s fast FireWire 800 connection, which as a bus-powered protocol will also power these drives, the PortaGig 62 further supports both USB and eSATA ports for optimum compatibility, providing users with the ability to “easily work on the road with a reliable RAID.”

“Although eSATA is not a bus-powered interface, you can use the eSATA connection for fast data transfer (up to 177MB/s) while simultaneously using the FireWire 800 connection to power the drive,” states the product’s website, adding, “An external power supply is included with the PortaGig 62 if bus power is not available or is insufficient.”

The PortaGig 62 features an internal fan, which quietly provides maximum airflow and proper cooling, circulating air and sound away from users, increasing reliability and extending the unit’s service life.

All told, if you need a portable storage solution, the PortaGig 62 deserves a look.