Taking a Look at Content Management Systems

Stephen Yagielowicz

Adult entertainment websites are known primarily for one thing: offering collections of content that may include many thousands of videos, countless still images and more.

These collections easily become cumbersome to catalog — and without proper titles, tags, captions, descriptions and other meta-level identifiers, can become a management nightmare that may lessen the content’s appeal to consumers — who are unable to find the needle they want, in the haystack you are offering.

Content management systems (CMS) take the hassle out of media organization.

Content management systems (CMS) take the hassle out of media organization and assist website operators in preparing, presenting and profiting from their digital content.

While there are many CMS that target mainstream publishing needs, as well as adult oriented versions of the Open Source WordPress (along with the basic and widely used WordPress itself) all vying for your porn shuffling tasks, several adult-specific, market leading solutions exist — custom tailored for adult paysite operators and other sites.

Each has its own unique feature sets and implementations, but all are worthy of consideration:


Perhaps best known for its NATS software, Too Much Media also offers its Carma CMS (www.toomuchmedia.com/pp_carma.htm), which allows users to publish content “with minimal initial effort and almost zero continuing effort.”


Boasting an active development cycle, Elevated X (www.elevatedx.com) offers a broad range of standard features — some of which are added cost or requested support options on other CMS; and which provides webmasters with the latest tools and formats.


Mansion Productions’ Members Area System (www.mansionproductions.com/mas/) is a heavy-hitter that can handle networks of any size and which features a robust ‘2257 record-keeping module to ease legal compliance efforts.

While none of these CMS solutions is “cheap,” the human resource cost savings, presentational options and other benefits that they deliver to professional organizations and high-volume operators more than justifies their purchase price; while their flexibility, customization and ongoing development assure a good fit for sites of all sizes — now and on into the future.