Next-generation Enhancements

Ariana Rodriguez

There is no shortage of supplements to treat erectile dysfunctions and a slew of male and female sexual issues. The latest wave of enhancement products appeal to men and women of a new generation; users that are younger, more experimental and more health conscious.

The Screaming O’s Rock On has become part of a new trend of sexual enhancement that’s branded with a fun, modern spin that appeals to users of all ages and sexual levels. Rock On even played a role on the popular Oxygen Network reality show “The Bad Girls Club.”

The energy drink market has established itself with that same younger generation, as billions of energy shots are sold across the country every year.

“When Rock On hit ‘The Bad Girls Club’ — Oxygen’s highest rated show with millions and millions of viewers every episode — we watched with delight as the lovely ladies drank every last drop and made for some seriously entertaining TV,” said company vice president Keith Caggiano. “What better way to show the fast-acting, moodlifting and libido-boosting power of Rock On than have the nation’s most popular bad girls test it on TV? You could literally see the ‘horny juice’ kick in right before your eyes.”

Marketing, as well as Rock On’s trendy packaging appeal to a younger demographic. Additionally, the energy drink market has established itself with that same younger generation, as billions of energy shots are sold across the country every year, Caggiano said.

“Rock On follows the same format as the energy shot market with a youthful energy and brand name appeal that speaks to younger consumers looking to truly enhance and heighten their sexual experiences,” he added.

“The all-natural ingredient lineup features several energy-enhancing herbs that younger users need while out at the club, at work and when it’s time to play. That fast-acting energy kick and libido boost that Rock On offers is the perfect combo for what the younger active generation needs,” Caggiano said. “The formula’s compatibility with alcohol is a major part of the appeal. Rock On Sexy Elixirs can be mixed right into your favorite vodkacranberry cocktail and start working before the flirting begins. By the time last call is served, the users are already horny, happy and ready to go!”

Also banking on the shot drink craze is Dagus Brands with its newly released SINsual Shot, an orgasm enhancement drink for males and females. The SINsual Shot can be taken directly from the bottle or mixed with alcohol. Part of the SINsual Shot’s uniqueness is its chocolate mint flavor that according to company president David Gustafson, helps set the mood for romance in addition to masking the flavor of its herbal ingredients.

“The SINsual Shot is not an energy shot — it’s an orgasm enhancer with caffeine among its ingredients, which does promote sexual energy,” Gustafson said, “and it’s more romantic than a pill, the drink can be shared among couples.” The SINsual Shot drink elicits sensations in both men and women that Gustafson describes as “tingly” and the minty flavor ensures lovers have fresh breath.

BeaMonstar Products, a two-time XBIZ Award winner in the Sexual Enhancement Manufacturer of the Year category, began its foray into sexual health products when it picked up master distribution rights for the Prolatis line of sexual health supplements.

“The Prolatis line offers two unique male sexual enhancement supplements — Prolatis 2.0, a daily supplement and Drive, which is for situation-specific use,” BeaMonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos said, “but what really makes this line revolutionary is its comprehensive approach to men’s health with products such as Prolatis Beta for prostate health and the No Hangover Shot — a fun two-ounce energy shot that prevents hangovers and powers you up for the next day.”

Featuring the ingredient beta-sitosterol and blended with health supporting vitamins, Bolanos said Prolatis Beta Prostate promotes healthy prostate function among men.

“A dysfunctional prostate can lead to aches and pains, as well as reduced sexual abilities and impotence,” Bolanos said. “Taken twice a day, the all-natural Prolatis Beta safely boosts a man’s health and vitality.”

BeaMonstar Products also shifted focus to other forms of sexual enhancement with products such as XploZion and Sweeten69. XploZion caters to those that desire more volume in their ejaculate, while Sweeten69 is a unisex secretion sweetener.

“Some girls may not admit it, but the sight of a powerful orgasm — which is often marked by a large load — is rewarding to them,” Bolanos said. “Anyone with a male partner wants to know that they’re more than satisfying their lover’s sexual needs and XploZion really helps to make that statement. Men that use XploZion say that a bigger load also provides better physical sexual gratification — remember how those orgasms felt the first times you had them? XploZion allows you to relive that.”

According to Bolanos, many XploZion users also add Sweeten69 to the mix for a bigger, better-tasting load, however women are its biggest consumer demographic.

“Unfortunately it isn’t as easy for some women to let go of inhibitions in the bedroom,” he said. “Sweeten69 is perfect for women, as well as men, with concerns over scent and taste during oral sex. Made with fruit extracts, Sweeten69 naturally sweetens the taste and smell of our bodily secretions.”

SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson credits the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing of Viagra for changing the stigma behind erectile dysfunction and making it sexy, something to seek and want, not something that’s necessarily “needed.”

“For women it’s quite the contrary,” Nelson said. “For men, successful sex depends on the erection and everything else falls into place. Whereas men depend on functionality, women rely heavily on the brain — the most significant sex organ — and when something isn’t quite right the rest of the pieces don’t fit properly. Women are so in tune with their bodies that the slightest headache, bloat, fever, any physical ailment, can affect their entire mood. There is not one chemical, herb or natural ingredient that can work universally for all women as successfully and quickly as it can for men primarily because of the significant role the brain plays in her sexual process.”

SLS offers Hero and Stiff One male enhancement supplements, and according to Nelson it really comes down to brand recognition, trust and ultimately whether or not it works the way it says on the bottle.

“Once you have the staff to support the product, it all comes together and you can have a successful pill on the market,” Nelson said. “Often you’ll find a store in one region pushing an entirely different pill from a store in a different locale and it’s really up to the consumer to buy them all and see which works the best for him or her. There’s no true consensus within the industry as to which pill is the very best.”

As for promoting the product to customers, Nelson said it’s all about conversation and education on the store floor.

“Clerks need to know — and be able to inform shoppers about — how Pill A is different from Pill B, what ingredients set them apart, and how they work. Every chain store tends to test the pills to experience their effects firsthand, and often stores will ask regulars who purchase enhancement pills try out a new brand. That’s the best way to get an honest and candid review; chances are if a seasoned pill user reports a positive experience with a new brand, it’s something worth stocking and selling.”

Adult affiliate program DateCamCash recently rolled out Sexlets male sex enhancement gum. According to the company, Sexlets is the only natural male enhancement chewing gum of its type and was scientifically formulated by a team of six pharmaceutical and nutraceutical professionals. Sexlet increases libido, stamina and blood flow resulting in increased size and longer, firmer and more powerful erections, with high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Sexlets’ uniqueness also lies within its branding opportunities.

“The product itself is brand-able for companies,” said Mike M, who handles DateCam-Cash’s marketing and affiliate relations. “We are offering it on a co-brand as well as an outright branded system. We can do FOB or handle the fulfillment even on individual orders from companies.”

Sexlets is available for both brick and motor stores and online retailers with flexible pricing structures and the ability to launch with a quantity of product that matches their initial campaign efforts.