Wet for Her: Continues U.S. Expansion

Ariana Rodriguez

Less than two years ago, Paris-based Wet For Her launched as a new brand of pleasure products targeting the lesbian market. With the recent debut of the company’s fourth design and the addition of industry vet Casey O’Connell as its U.S.-based sales manager, Wet For Her is on the path of expansion with the goal of embracing all sexualities.

Currently available in France, Spain, the U.K., Australia, Canada and the U.S., through partners that include Babeland, PinkCherry and The Pleasure Chest, Wet For Her’s cofounder Alice said the company has gotten the most response from its Two model.

The goal is to establish a brand that speaks first to lesbians but also to all women while presenting new ways to use toys.

The Two builds upon the company’s debut item, the One. Both designs are two-finger extenders that maintain the appendage’s aesthetic — the One goes so far as to include fingernail details engraved onto its glossy silicone exterior. The Two boasts a matte finish, with silicone thin enough to transfer a woman’s pleasurable vaginal contractions to the wearer. Both toys are phthalates-free and FDA approved.

The two-finger motif also was incorporated into the Wet For Her logo (it creates the “W”) because according to Alice, “so many lesbians enjoy making love with their fingers.”

Alice said that she and her business partners decided to launch Wet For Her to fill a void in the novelty industry for products made specifically to appeal to the lesbian community. While there’s no shortage of pleasure products available for women, Alice noted that lesbian women aren’t looking for phallic, penis-shaped toys — and on the flipside, also aren’t necessarily looking for cute, “girly” designs.

“The goal of Wet For Her is to open up the novelty industry to lesbians, and then everyone else that wants to experiment with a new way of making love,” Alice said. “We’re taking a mainstream approach to this because not all lesbian women are part of ‘the scene’ and we want them to feel comfortable with their sexuality and options for sex toys.”

Wet For Her has marketed directly to women that partake in the lesbian “scene” through sponsorships of GLBT events, such as Dinah Shore parties, as well as a big Wet For Her launch party that was held in New York in partnership with GO magazine, the U.S.’ most widely distributed free lesbian publication. The launch party featured mainstream actress Michelle Rodriguez as DJ and attracted 1,500 attendees.

However, not all lesbian women flaunt their sexuality out in the open at nightclubs, let alone wish to announce their sexual preference while shopping for adult products.

“For a lesbian woman that feels safer going to a gay adult shop, she often has to approach the sales clerk and it’s like coming out all over again,” Alice said.

Wet For Her’s packaging appeals to lesbians using symbols like rainbow flags and dual female gender symbols. The company’s marketing materials boast attractive female couples, whom Alice says are actual lesbians.

“The goal is to establish a brand that speaks first to lesbians but also to all women while presenting new ways to use toys,” Alice said, referring to the way Wet For Her speaks to lesbian women through marketing while the product line can be enjoyed by users of all sexualities and genders. For example, the One and Two can provide more reach during anal play, while at the same time making it a cleaner experience.

Wet For Her’s latest innovation is the Four, a vibrating strapless strap-on featuring the company’s signature finger aesthetic with two fingers for penetrating the receiving partner and a thumb for the wearer’s insertion. The Four vibrates with a three speed power bullet.

With the pegging fetish becoming increasingly popular, the Four also offers heterosexual couples the opportunity to experiment with lesbianism.

“Wet For Her is open to everyone that wants to try a new way of making love,” Alice says.

Wet For Her’s Three and Three Luxe are remote controlled eggs with latex exteriors offering 10 speeds of vibration; accompanied by a remote control featuring an LCD screen — packaged together with all the necessary batteries for enjoying the product.

Be Wet lube, Wet For Her’s waterbased, gentle, odorless, colorless, greaseless and non-staining lube rounds out the company’s current offerings.

Alice says Wet For Her is currently in the next phase of making a name for itself in the novelty industry with new additions to its sales team and the expansion of the company’s product lineup.