Monetizing Mobile Traffic

Q. Boyer

At this point, you’ve heard it said enough that hopefully you have come to believe it: the mobile market is here, it is real, and it represents a substantial opportunity to enhance your revenue bottom line. The question is no longer if you can derive revenue from the mobile traffic you receive; the question has become how to go about deriving that revenue.

For those readers who have not yet done anything to tap into the mobile market, the fastest way to dip a toe into mobile pool is through use of a mobile white label.

The best news about monetizing mobile traffic is that according to just about every market analyst publishing projections today, there will only be more mobile traffic to work with in the months ahead ..

There are several major affiliate programs that offer high quality, flexible white label front-ends (shameless plug alert: TopBucks Mobile is one of these programs), so you won’t find yourself short of options for a quick means of entry into the market.

For some readers, a white label might even suffice as your permanent solution for targeting the mobile market, but most of you are going to want establish a more individual presence, and to push your products and brand to mobile users ‘under their own power,’ so to speak. When making that push to establish your mobile presence, here are several basic points to keep in mind:

Mind That Load Time.When you develop your mobile sites, keep in mind that the data throughput on mobile networks remains much slower than that of the typical consumer hardline connection. Keep your designs “graphicslight” and worry less about winning consumers over with visual appeal, and concern yourself more with creating an intuitive, easy to use interface, and creating an experience that a mobile user would want to have more than once.

Not All Mobile Traffic Is Created Equal.Chances are that your entry into the mobile market will include some trial and error, and it will take you some time to find the ‘sweet spot’ where crafting your marketing and advertising appeals are concerned. Not all mobile traffic is the same, and while users are all individuals, there are some identifiable trends that can be segmented on a per-device and/or per-OS basis.

No, I’m not going to tell you what Pink Visual/TopBucks Mobile has found in performing such an analysis on our own traffic, but I will tell you this much: if you establish analytics on your site that allow you to track the average behavior and purchasing predilections of users on a per-device basis, doing so will help you fine-tune your marketing in a way that simply isn’t possible without performing this manner of analysis.

Go Ahead:Jump on that Android Bandwagon! In recent weeks, several analytical firms have reported that Android devices have now surpassed Apple’s i-devices in total device sales market share.

This is good news for mobile developers, no matter how you slice it, and particularly good news for developers of adult mobile apps, because although the on-deck Android app store maintains a “no porn” policy, Android at least allows third-party app stores to sell adult apps. If you haven’t already developed and placed an Android app with an adult-friendly app store like, you should strongly consider doing so now.

Strategic Partnerships Are YourFriend.Don’t hesitate to partner with other companies when it comes to aspects and areas of the mobile market that might not be your company’s strong suit. If you find that you are having zero success converting users from a given country, for example, seek out a company that specializes in serving adult content to that region/demographic, and use geotargeting to filter out and redirect the traffic you receive from the country or region in question to that company. Even if your commissions from the redirected traffic yield less revenue on a per-unit basis than a direct sale on your part would generate, the greater volume of sales to the third-party site is likely to more than make up for the difference in the per-unit-sold revenue.

Look Outside Adult for Inspiration.Selling adult entertainment products is in many ways so dissimilar from selling other types of products that there is an understandable tendency among adult entrepreneurs to develop a sort of “market myopia,” and to never consider what they might learn from mainstream companies that can be applied in an adult context.

Breaking free of that tendency can lead to some very interesting and novel ideas, ones that can set you apart from the crowd in the adult market. Look at what the mainstream is doing with Quick Response (“QR”) codes, augmented reality (AR) and other innovative approaches to marketing and advertising to mobile consumers and look for ways you could apply a similar approach in your own mobile marketing.

The best news about monetizing mobile traffic is that according to just about every market analyst publishing projections today, there will only be more mobile traffic to work with in the months ahead Morgan Stanley, for example, predicts that smartphone sales will outnumber computer sales in 2012, while Merril Lynch forecasts that more users will access the web via mobile devices than through any other means by 2013.

For those who have already begun to tap into the mobile market, those predictions are music to our ears; for those who have not established a mobile presence, they should serve as a wake up call, loud and clear.