We're All in This Family Together

Kim Airs

Kim Airs' the name, sex toys my game.  Yes, I'm in that segment of the adult industry.

It's funny how when someone meets me and is not aware of what I do, and when I tell them, they automatically assume that I know everyone and everything about the adult industry as a whole.  Those of us in the biz are sort of related to each other, kind of like cousins that live in the neighborhood but don't really know what their relatives are doing, no matter the proximity to each other.  They look at me kinda baffled when I mention that those in porn probably don't know one Rabbit Pearl from another and I probably don't know one porn star from another either (except for a few, of course).

So I am stepping away for a moment from my usual posts about sex toys and sex toy info, to take a moment and side with my family of porn stars and smut makers, and Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition, the watchdog for the adult entertainment industry guarding against unconstitutional and oppressive government intervention among several other activities.  I was on the elected Board of Directors of FSC (2003-2005) so I know the good work it does on behalf of the industry, no matter what segment of it you're in.

With the sad closure of the AIM Healthcare clinic, created by the blood and sweat work of my good pal Sharon Mitchell, the 70's and 80's adult film star who demanded that we police ourselves when AIDS became a real threat to the business, FSC is stepping up to the plate to let CalOSHA and AIDS Healthcare Foundation know that making condoms mandatory in the adult industry will only drive it to another state, if not country, which would lead to an even larger industry void here in the Los Angeles area.  What AIM Healthcare did worked, setting the standard for STD/HIV testing in the industry FOR the industry, despite the fact that the latest slip thru the crack was a male porn star who got an HIV positive result, perhaps from his own out of the industry sexual escapades (claiming he was "gay for pay" for the films he made).  By having CalOSHA/AIM Healthcare Foundation think that mandatory condom use will help us, will, in fact, harm us even more in ways we will never fathom.

So I am asking you to join the rest of your cousins in this wacky adult industry, no matter what you do in it: webmaster, product ad copywriter, designer, office worker, writer, blogger, producer, adult toy store owner... anyone who is as passionate as I am about keeping this business thriving despite the government threats, to attend the upcoming meeting this Tuesday, June 7, in downtown LA to support our "family" that we know and love.  Diane Duke's brilliant XBIZ blog posting has all of the details.

You can bet your ass that my ass will be there, too.

And oh, actually, I DO know a connection between the sex toy biz and the porn biz... it's the Ron Jeremy dildo, of course...