Joanna Angel dislikes broccoli, inks deal with VCA

Gram Ponante
I talked with Joanna Angel today about her new deal with VCA, in which she will direct five films and appear in "about" ten others ("depending on how I feel about it," she said).

I was worried that the contract would mean she'd leave Brooklyn and move to LA. It would be like taking a beautiful tropical fish out of its expensively-maintained aquarium and putting it in another expensively-maintained aquarium that was not full of water but full of jelly.

"I couldn't do that," she said. "I'll be making all five movies here in New York and a lot of the VCA films I'll be in will be shot here, too."

Her mouth was full for part of our conversation. So was mine, because I am an empathetic listener, as well as America's Porn Journalist.

"What are you eating?" I probed.

"A veggie burrito with broccoli," she said. "It's from the only good burrito place in New York (Yola's on Lorimar Street). But I don't think brocccoli is appropriate to go with a burrito."

"Is it crunchy?"

"No. It's not too crunchy, and it's not steamed to the point that it's soggy. I just don't think it's right. But it's a pretty good consistency for a burrito."

As part of her plan with VCA/LFP, Angel will also dance at Hustler clubs. She was a dancer before getting on this porn merry-go-round.

"I would make maybe $20 or $30 when I was on stage," she said, "but the real money came from being in the VIP booth with sweaty guys. I would rather be dancing."

We are, all of us, cursed with a dual nature.

"But I would pay the DJ extra so he wouldn't put me in the dance rotation so I could spend all my time making money in the back," she said.

"You could pay the DJ to get you out of dancing?"

"You can pay people for anything," she said.

I asked what would happen to BurningAngel.com, the company she started with Rutgers pal/henchman Mitch, if she was going to be spending all her time with Flynties.

"Burning Angel won't die," she said. "In fact, I will be taking it with me wherever I go. I was upset that the Burning Angel name wasn't displayed in the places I was signing at the AVN convention, and I let them know that. That will change now."

So Angel will be delivering films for VCA, which they will distribute and pay her for, and will be creating content with Burning Angel that will be distributed by Pulse.

"Having a distributor makes things a lot easier," she said. "We had Burning Angel DVDs in the apartment that were even blocking the TV. So it's good to have someone taking care of that."

VCA VP of sales and marketing, the kindly and James Liptonesque Peter Reynolds, is deliriously happy. "We work well together, Joanna and VCA," he said. "We like the same music, too."

Reynolds confirms that Joanna's Angels 2 will be out on April 4.

Angel will next be in LA for Thursday's Bingo benefit, she said, but hopes she can be here as early as Valentine's Day. "James Deen and I can finally say we're an item," she said.

Everything is finally working out for the plucky scrapper from Bergen County who once said that the only AVN award she wanted was for "Best Jew." (She now has a Most Outrageous Sex Scene for Repenetrator.)

"What are you drinking?"

"Cranberry juice. It's good to prevent urinary tract infections. It's really good for the pee-hole."

"Yes," I said. "But with all the cash you'll be pulling in, you can afford a pee-hole wrangler."

"We'll see," she said.

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