Online Adult Giant Takes Time to Deal With the Devil

Bob Johnson

The old saw says the devil is in the details, so when FameDollars saw how closely DevilsFilm paid attention to the whims of its viewers it seemed like a natural for the Internet giant to bring them on board and create their website.

It’s not difficult for a studio to have a web presence — especially when they have a successful catalog of content. But to be able to effectively compete in an overcrowded market and navigate its way the snarl of attracting good traffic, the smart producers align themselves with Internet heavyweights.

DevilsFilm was savvy enough to be one of the first partners to come on board and both companies are now reaping the rewards.

Enter DevilsFilm, an early entrée into Gamma Entertainment’s FameDollars’ affiliate program. DevilsFilm was savvy enough to be one of the first partners to come on board and both companies are now reaping the rewards.

FameDollars director of product and development Maggie Rheault recalls, “Claude Hypolite, one of Gamma’s owners, developed strong ties with DevilsFilm and the alliance was the next step. We knew their production was really strong and that they already had a very impressive catalog.”

As a result, FameDollars now facilitates everything from DevilsFilm’s site designs, layouts, payment processing and sales and marketing.

And although its web worries are out of their hands, the studio maintains an active production schedule, shooting new DVDS and series that; according to Rheault are “instant best-sellers.”

“They have a good eye and are really on top of their business plus they are open minded and ahead of the curb. It’s a pleasure dealing with them and it’s a great partnership,” says Rheault.

The marriage between the two companies also benefits webmasters by offering them a smorgasbord of content to choose from. Rheault notes that DevilsFilm provides them with everything from regular porn to niche sites — a package that has become a favorite of FameDollars’ webmasters.

With the FameDollars’ approach, webmasters have one site with different niches that streamlines the promotion process. Add DevilsFilm’s reputation for winning awards for top series and its ability to evolve with new concepts and ideas, and webmasters always have something fresh to promote.

A recent example is FameDollars launch of that offers such titles as “This Isn’t Big Love,” “This Isn’t Madmen” and “This Isn’t The Biggest Loser.”

Rheault says that the new niche site — that carries the tagline “Cum and laugh at the same time” — is poised for success, considering the parody craze and the success of some of DevilsFilms’ pop culture movies like “This Isn’t Twilight,” “Coctomom” and “This Isn’t UFC” that become instant hits and some have even received mainstream attention.

But the best may be yet to come. Rheault revealed that there would be more niche sites to be developed with DevilsFilm along with mobile version upgrades and other possible ventures. “We currently are in negotiation with a few other studios to evaluate the best fit in FameDollars alongside of our existing partners,” says Rheault.