Flagship Site LiveJasmin Still a Traffic Monster for AWE

Alex Henderson

Adult Webmaster Empire is a name that needs no introduction in the world of live erotic webcam presentations. During its nine-year history, AWE has established itself as one of the top adult webcam companies and is known for its wide variety of cam models as well as its for its popular affiliate program. AWE started out with a single website:, and now, AWE boasts a diverse portfolio of cam sites that includes not only, but also, eight additional sites.

In July 2010, the San Francisco-based Internet research/information company Alexa Internet Inc. reported that had the highest traffic of any adult webcam/video chat site; Alexa has also reported that is the Internet’s 42nd most visited website internationally and the Internet’s 44th most visited website in the U.S.

No matter how obscure/small the niche, AWE can probably complement it with the relevant cam model feeds.

AWE’s history goes back to 2002, when LiveJasmin .com was launched. “AWE’s story began with Live-Jasmin, the flagship video chat site in AWE’s portfolio,” explained Douglas Richter, senior authorized consultant for AWE and director of business development for Bright Guys Inc. “LiveJasmin was launched nearly a decade ago with the initial goal to improve upon what cam sites had to offer at the time. Initially, there was no affiliate program; as the number of cam models and members grew exponentially, there was an increasing demand by LiveJasmin’s partners for an affiliate program. And that is how AWE’s launch came about.”

As AWE grew, evolved and expanded, its array of cam sites became increasingly diverse. AWE made its presence felt in the gay cam market with, and the company illustrated the diversity of the adult webcam world with sites ranging from (which focuses on Asian models) to (which is devoted to transgendered models) to the cougar/MILForiented Other popular AWE sites include,, and, all of which have done their part to make AWE’s brand even stronger.

“Niche markets are one of the AWE network’s strengths, thanks to its ever growing database of 700,000-plus registered cam models,” Richter noted. “No matter how obscure/small the niche, AWE can probably complement it with the relevant cam model feeds.”

One of the things that has fueled AWE’s growth and popularity, according to Richter, is the fact that its sites have a strong sense of community. Online social networking has become increasingly popular in the 21st century, and Richter said that the ever increasing desire for an interactive online experience has been great for AWE.

“The proliferation of social sites has brought on a change in attitude towards establishing relationships and ‘connecting’ online,” Richter pointed out. “Removing rejection and facilitating introductions of persons with similar interests is now not only as easy as clicking the mouse, but it is acceptable to have your parents know you met your fiancé online. As this rapidly evolving new sector continues to grow, it offers new challenges and opportunities for live cam providers, affiliates and cam models alike.”

Richter added that for cam models, AWE has gone out of its way to provide an online work environment that is both comfortable and profitable. “Models have given us positive feedback on the fact that Live-Jasmin takes noticeable measures to preserve their privacy by giving them the appropriate level of control and tools,” Richter said. “But primarily, again, I would have to say they mostly like that they earn more money with LiveJasmin due to the immense traffic they are exposed to on the network of cam properties in AWE’s site portfolio and through our partners’ promotional efforts. Keep in mind: models can earn up to 55 percent of the transactions — far more than any other company.”

Asked what are some of the main things that affiliates find appealing about AWE’s affiliate program, Richter replied: “Affiliates find their earnings, frequent promotional commissions and AWE’s vast promo tool library the most appealing, but beyond that is our customer service. The affiliate reps are each trained to not only handle the many issues that can arise, but (also), to proactively assist affiliates. Webmasters also like that someone is always available to assist them as AWE builds a true 24/7/365 affiliate support department.”

The economic turmoil of the late 2000s and early 2010s has been quite challenging for a lot of adult entertainment companies, ranging from San Fernando Valley film studios that have seen DVD sales decrease to content-driven membership websites that aren’t selling as much downloadable content as they once did.

“Recessions teach us to look in and become more strategic in our approach,” Richter observed. “The reality is things are always changing, the power structures are shifting, and companies are either adapting or folding. Even in tough times, people always have some amount of discretionary income; so our job is to give them something great to spend those dollars on. The existing members have remained loyal to the product, and there is no shortage of new clients either.”

Technology, Richter noted, is evolving more rapidly than ever in the digital age—and AWE’s willingness to keep evolving technologically, he predicted, will continue to be one of the company’s strongest assets.

“The goal is ongoing: to continually increase the level and functionality of the service we provide to our users, partners, models, affiliates and employees and, of course, always to keep growing the number of new users, models and partners,” Richter asserted. “AWE will continue to seek out and create new money-making opportunities for current and future partners.”