Unsung Heros: Joanna Angel's Crew

Colin Rowntree

Okay, so this one is not really "unsung" as Joanna is possibly one of the best exposed adult entertainers in the biz right now.

But, this is a "hats off" for her crew and partners that make this magic happen.

I have been doing some cross-promo with Joanna's team over the past couple of weeks and noticed something note-worthy:  They work their asses off and deliver on their promises. On Time. For those of us dealing with larger entities, we instantly see this as novel, in a time where dysfunction and chaos rules, and 99% of the "deals" set up for B2B fall through the cracks.

Two thumbs up for Joanna Angel's small crew of FOUR that run the entire company, and, the "Unsung Hero" of note for this edition of my running blog, Mitch Fontaine. Mitch is the Unsung Hero here. He keeps the trains running on time, is on top of deadlines, and, all the while, is a perfect gentleman in the NYC manner (rather than the la-dee-da California, I need to go do some blow, and have lunch with people about promises of dot-xxx riches) manner that tends to stall out most of the time, IMHO.

New here and looking for something different?

Go to JoannaAngel.com and hit the webasters link. (Yes, it is CCBIll, but not bad in this instance!)


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