Same Traffic = More Joins – Convert Every Visitor

Joe D

Doesn't it just make sense to get every single join out of your current traffic before going out to purchase more traffic? Only you know your European traffic figures, but have you checked to see how many German surfers arrive on your pages and how many leave without joining? Now, there can be a number of reasons for Germans leaving your site without joining and we have to do some analysis to really determine differential outcomes, but the fact remains that well over 70% of Germans still cannot or will not use a credit card online to purchase entertainment even if they have one...and the same is true to varying degrees for surfers from every other European country.

Adult industry professionals are always seeking more and more traffic...I guess as long as traffic was plentiful this made sense in terms of limited outlay of time and expense for the swiftest, best ROI. These days this is less and less the case however, and I've been watching to see who leads the way in terms of maximizing their existing traffic. You already have a cost-per-acquisition assigned to every potential user who arrives on your pages - a percentage of your fixed costs, advertising and traffic expenditures, marketing and show expenses...all this outlay must be divided by the total number of visitors - this is for every surfer arriving on your pages...you have another entire calculation to make to determine your cost per join! So if six or seven out of ten Germans who land on your sites have to leave because they could not pay, what have you lost?

If you haven’t yet looked into the advantages of adding more EU billing capability to your processing cascade you really must do it now – most options can be used in conjunction with every other join option you already have – They don’t really replace anything, but provide a measure of additional coverage even if some overlap to ensure that users arriving on your pages find one more possible method by which they can join your site or make a purchase...and for the major EU markets, adding this additional coverage option can be significant indeed. Why lose a single join?

Convert every possible user.

Bill every European with or without a credit card online.

Do not let any joins escape.

If you need guidance or insight into any payment method do not hesitate to contact me at traffic@giantsense.com