Give New Life to Old Material

Stephen Yagielowicz

Do you have a library of SD video footage that seems hopelessly out of place in today’s HD market? Would you like to give new life to that old material, renewing and recycling it into a commercially viable product, developing “new” HD content without incurring new production costs? Of course, you do — and you are not alone, or out of luck.

Boris Continuum UpRez ( is a filter for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, Apple Motion and Sony Vegas Pro that can breathe new life into old porn — allowing users to get the most out of SD footage and cameras.

The Boris Continuum UpRez Unit converts SD footage to higher-resolution HD formats

The Boris Continuum UpRez Unit converts SD footage to higher-resolution HD formats, plugging into video editing or compositing software to become an extension of the host application’s interface.

“The UpRez filter’s image sampling and edge detection techniques produce a final result that cannot be achieved with the scaling tool in your host application,” the Boris website states. “Every clip is different, both in terms of image quality and content, so just scaling-up the image doesn’t take into account variations in light, noise, and graininess.”

“The UpRez filter reads the media clip and analyzes the size of the clip as well as all of the fine variations,” the site adds. “Then, using its sophisticated processing algorithm, UpRez transforms, smooths, and sharpens the clip to the desired HD resolution.”

Part of its Continuum Units line, Boris offers a free trial of UpRez.