AdultChatAds Ready to Chat It Up

Lyla Katz

The company that created and developed Exitchat, the automated chat recovery system that helps webmasters recover and increase sales from abandoning customers, is now getting ready to roll out its next creation, AdultChatAds.

AdultChatAds is an interactive automated IM chat ad tool offered to both webmasters and program owners.

We are constantly developing and optimizing the process to find better ways to target traffic

“We are constantly developing and optimizing the process to find better ways to target traffic,” AdultChatAds CEO Rick Bennink told XBIZ.

He said AdultChatAds helps webmasters to increase site revenue and conversions for both straight and gay webcam and dating sites.

“Our interactive IM GEO chat ads give the industry the newest way to increase revenue on their sites and program owners a new way to acquire customers for their sites.”

Bennink said AdultChatAds creates fully customized interactive ads for any brand and any site owner who is interested in making more money with their traffic or their IM ad tools.

“We as a company also only get paid when we assist in bringing in more leads, sales or customers to a site so there is no real risk in working with the Adultchatads team to test and see how much more money we can earn for our customers and partners,” he said.

Bennink added that after more than six years working with clients like Vivid, Hustler, Digital Playground, Playboy and DatingGold to develop custom solutions and increasing sales with Exitchat, the company was asked to create more ways its technology could increase revenue and profitability for its clients.

“We started looking at the dating and webcam markets and the growth these areas have gone though in the past year or two and realized there are new ways to create interactive and engaging ads for our partners.”

He said AdultChatAds is built to work within the webcam and dating segments to increase in-page site traffic at a higher rate and to gain better conversions with IM and AD tools inside a site rather than on exiting of a site.

“AdultChatAds is just another creation and evolution in ways our team has and will continue to assist our customers in making more money together as partners. When the market changes, change with it and trust in your ideas,” Bennink said.


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