Design Dock: Effective Ad Integration

Stephen Yagielowicz
Add yet another troubling item to your long list of reasons why sales and revenue are way down, as an increasing percentage of Internet surfers, long frustrated by intrusive advertising and behavior tracking systems, are now resorting to the use of ad blockers — and thus not even seeing your ads, or earning you any per-impression advertising income.

These browser add-ons and plugins block the display of a wide range of ad types; with recent affiliate reports of sponsor advertising, especially iframe ads, being blocked. While some coding cues are more likely to trigger an ad blocker than are others, even the display of graphics at IAB Standard Ad Sizes may be problematic.

This is not just an issue for adult advertisers, as popular ad networks and servers are added to the blocking lists, causing economic woes for the Internet publishing ecosystem.

For those website owners that view ad-blocking traffic as unwanted bandwidth waste, several proactive measures can be employed, including the avoidance of ad networks and third-party ad servers; using non-standard creative sizes, hard-coded into the site layout and called from the same domain; and integrating advertising into your editorial content.

For a more aggressive response, several scripting alternatives are available via search which allow for the detection of visitors with ad blockers — then either redirect them or serve them alternative content — such as an “ad free” subscription offer, or demand that the ad blocker be disabled before they are allowed access to your content.