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Adriana Rodriguez
Liberator’s line of positioning shapes and furniture has always included high-end products worthy of display.

The company designs its pieces — such as the Esse Chaise and Zeppelin, two of the larger items in the collection — to fit a person’s daily life, ensuring that each piece easily blends in with other home furnishings. And with last month’s introduction of the Décor collection, Liberator has reinvented sex furniture once again.

The Liberator Home Collection is a new array of intimacy products masquerading as decorative accent pillows. Inspired by the already popular Liberator Shapes and Liberator Sex Furniture, the Décor Series provides the same positioning support as the classic shapes with added décor and appeal. Designer details such as decorative piping, luxurious Velvish material, and a choice of six fashion colors, including Aubergine, Black, Buckwheat, Espresso, Grey and Merlot, have been added.

“The Décor collection is actually part of a much bigger endeavor that encompasses the entire home and focuses on bringing sensuality and romanticism out from under the bed or in the closet [as referenced in the book ‘Design your Life’ by Ellen and Julie Lupton, page 56],” said Michael Kane, chief business development officer of parent company OneUp Innovations. “What we have released so far including the Heart Wedge, Amore Rocker and the Décor series is the tip of the spear of where we are going with this line.

“The understanding that sexual health and physical health are one in the same makes it imperative for us to create products that meld seamlessly into the décor of any room in the house. Just imagine if your treadmill or elliptical had to be hidden away in a closet because you were embarrassed to leave them out. On the contrary, exercise equipment has become almost a form of status recognition. It is our goal to expand on that same level of acceptability by creating products that not only enhance and compliment your lifestyle, but also do it in an elegant and unobtrusive manner.”

Disguised as a throw pillow, the Décor Stashé Pillow has a hidden zipper compartment with ample space to store adult toys. The pillow’s decorator flaps, held together with a fashionable ribbon tie, conceal a hidden zipper; and the interior compartment is lined with water resistant nylon to protect the outer layer while the fluffy foam pillow protects the toys stashed inside.

The Décor Esse Chaise resembles a piece of contemporary furniture. Meant to be placed on the floor at the foot of the bed, the Décor Esse Chaise provides an ideal height and width to perform a multitude of sexual positions, all on top of supportive foam furniture with a designer, machine-washable cover.

The Liberator Wedge, Heart Wedge and Whirl are all Original Label Shapes that have been modified under the Décor Series. These shapes all offer the same positioning assistance as the originals, but have been redesigned for romantic luxury.

The Décor Fascinator Throe appears to be an unassuming throw blanket placed at the foot of the bed. However, it has the same ability to keep surfaces dry as the original. Two sided and reversible, the Décor Fascinator Throe is made of silky satin and plush Velvish material.

Liberator also released the Amoré Rocker, a contemporary rocking chair made of premium materials with handcrafted details that subtly disguise its erotic intentions — thus blending aesthetics with function.

The Amoré Rocker’s cushioned seat is covered in rich faux leather, which is antimicrobial and easily wipes clean with soap and water; its extended rocker rails ensure that the chair will not tip over. The extra-wide seat provides room for two in seated sexual positions, and the lowrise arms of the chair allow for increased mobility during intercourse. It also features an extended height for standing positions, allowing one partner to remain stationary while the other rocks into them. A hidden step at the base of the chair provides mounting assistance that also doubles as a footrest.

According to Kane, Liberator’s Home Collection is indicative of a thriving market.

“We recognized that in order to truly flourish as a company we must adapt to our surroundings and learn how to take advantage of the market trends as they emerge,” he said. “The Décor series is simply another step in that evolutionary lifecycle of adult to mainstream that will allow us the ability to tap into new sources of revenue while at the same time maintaining our core values of healthy living through intimacy.”

Kane added that Liberator’s mainstream acceptance, coupled with the sexual well-being trend currently playing out in society, puts the brand in a unique position as it enters the New Year.

“As a marketing company who happens to have a 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility [in Atlanta] we can react to market trends in a quick and nimble way,” Kane said. “This allows us the flexibility to custom tailor our product offerings to many different market segments.”

Castle Megastore was the first major adult chain to launch Liberator Boutiques, which have been incorporated into three of its locations — Phoenix and Meza, Ariz., as well as Tacoma, Wash., with plans for more openings in Washington state and Oregon.

Jasen Bartlett, Castle’s director of marketing, said that while in its early stages, the Liberator Boutiques showcase the brand’s products that have proven successful as part of the retailer’s regular offerings. However, he said Castle is currently experimenting with the Décor collection’s Heart Wedge.

“Every Liberator Boutique will have a bed with Liberator sheets, the Esse and Zeppelin,” Bartlett said. “Overall customers have been really excited to interact with all of the Liberator products, particularly the Zeppelin, which has really become the boutique’s staple item.

“Castle’s partnership with Liberator is really blossoming; our sales have increased with the openings of the boutiques and it’s a collaboration that’s really benefitting both companies.”


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