Take Hold Of The Future

John Stuart
Million dollar ideas often occur at the most unexpected times. Witness the case of Andrew S., majority owner of VSex.com, who received his inspiration while attending a convention of video game freaks. Knowing that Andrew was involved in the adult entertainment field, many of the gamers repeated the same fantasy: wouldn’t it be great to find some way to have virtual sex with the hot heroines of their video games?

“With all the rampant piracy and the tube sites,” Andrew says, “our businesses were not doing what they used to in the heydays DVD and pay site sales. So we started to think about what you could do with a girl, virtually. This is how we came up with the idea for the sex machine, and making it so that we had control over that machine.”

The “sex machine” in question is a revolutionary piece of technology which allows VSex site members to have virtual sex with live models, actually controlling penetration, thrust and various other motions on models while they watch their reaction on-screen. Andrew S. explains how it works:

“It’s a good sized machine. It’s got a long dildo at the end that can thrust. It vibrates and has variable speeds. It can angle up or down so the user can try to find the model’s G-spot. It even can spin in either direction. The machine is controlled remotely by the customer. Basically, you sign up on our site. It’s free to chat with the models, but then you can buy credits and take a girl to a private session. You have a remote control on your screen. There’s no download needed. It automatically pops up, and you use that control to virtually have sex with the model.”

Andrew and his staff took great pains to be sure the machine is safe for models, seeing to it that the penetration is only so deep and that the model still has control over how she places herself.

“We train the girls extensively before they go on for the first time with our machine,” Andrew says. “We have machine girls online from noon to midnight right now, but we’re opening up a European studio that will be available from midnight to noon. Right now we have around 250 models. Their feedback on the machine has been impressive, especially reacting to the spin of the dildo, because obviously guys can’t do that. It’s something they’ve never felt before and a lot of our girls have squirted uncontrollably with the machine and they’ve never squirted before. The models love it. The porn stars especially love it because they don’t have to worry about diseases or tests or having to deal with people. They sit for four hours, make a bunch of money and go home.”

The feedback from the VSex customers is even more ecstatic, and figures to go through the roof this month when the site debuts its Fleshlight adapter feature. For those who have been living in a cave, Fleshlight is a flash light-shaped remote control which has a vaginal mold at one end in which users can masturbate. When married to the VSex technology, it allows users to control the model’s sex machine, completing the virtual sex experience on both ends.

“It will allow a user who’s pleasuring himself with the Fleshlight to thrust into the model with the machine at the same time,” Andrew explains. “Our adapter allows the user to move the model’s machine when he moves the Fleshlight. The prototype we’re introducing now is our first shot at this, but we intend to advance it and we have new machines coming out with new features.”

Andrew is understandably proud of the innovative technology that VSex offers, as well as the enormous sales boost it has caused. But it didn’t come cheaply or easily. The development process was a long and expensive journey of trial and error. The software had to conform to the world. The world couldn’t conform to the software, which is no way to have an online business. That was the hardest thing to do because we had to deal with all the different variables on the Internet. We have a fiber optic line going out of our studios, but once it leaves the hub it’s out on the open Internet. This means we had to overcome problems created by customers in bad Internet areas, because the machine still needs to function.”

Once VSex launched, Andrew and his crew were confident they had prepared for everything. But a humorous glitch proved they were still short of perfection. It happened with a very good customer who had been spending large amounts of money every night for private sessions before emailing that the system “crapped out” every time he started virtual sex with a model. Andrew wrote him: “Where are you from?” The man wrote back, “Kentucky.” Wondering why Kentucky was having trouble with his system, Andrew had his people in Chicago, Miami and New York testing the machines everywhere. When they reported that everything worked, Andrew got an idea. He asked the customer, “Where are you now?” The customer responded, “Afghanistan.”

Relieved to know that even his company’s strenuously developed system can’t overcome the drawbacks of an Army Internet hookup in the Afghan mountains, Andrew relaxed. But only somewhat. He and his crew will continue to improve the VSex system until it reaches perfection.

In the meantime, he is pleased to know that his firm is uplifting the morale, among other things, of our troops overseas.


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