Is This the End of Deeper, Harder, Faster?

Roy Karch
That’s what the smokin’ hot Keli Richards used to scream while getting royally fucked on camera in the eighties. The mantra was carried on through decades of good porn during much of the video era. The words echoed through the rooms of the houses or wafted through the Porn Valley sound stages. Direct to video brought new stars to the biz, all wanting to be in bigger features only to realize, “Oh there are words, a script. I have to talk… to act?” It wasn’t long before direct to tape became a gentler way of saying direct to the [anal sex]. Gonzo porn was born. It was deeper and harder and faster.

Couples porn wants to change that paradigm. It’s perhaps something more appealing to women. Focus on the man more — the man with his masculinity on full display. More handsome, well-built men. Real men who appeal to real women. Less gynecological shots. More kiss ing with more natural-bodied women. Change the emphasis from the woman’s vagina to the woman’s brain.

You know…couples porn.

For the past 30-plus years I have made my living writing, producing and directing couples friendly porn. Non-objectifying, nonmisogynistic, women friendly, pro-sex, romance and love porn. My clients — the larger studios like Wicked Pictures, Adam & Eve, VCA and VCX — always wanted to appeal to the woman viewer.

Toward that end, and keeping romance in mind, we created hot sex intertwined with an interesting storyline that was created for mass appeal. Then, and not so suddenly, the masses changed. Gonzo arrived, bringing with it an edgy, raw perspective that couples weren’t used to. The babes looked at and talked to the camera. No matter what their personal habits were in their private moments, women and couples weren’t buying it. Literally. Adult fare for many became about the new breed of pornographers reaching more and more for the strange, the debasing, salacious and oftentimes simply not sexy variety of the ‘ol in & out. For couples, not so much. The more bodily functions we spat out at viewer the more they came back; each time craving a harder edge and each time getting further away from the softer point of view, further away from the romance novel approach to adult material.

I have often been heard to comment that love and romance as a cornerstone for adult relationships had been replaced by a ribald, no-holes-barred gurgling, spitting- and chokingtype of porn. Well, as the ancient Chinese book of changes the “I Ching” reminds us, “everything changes.” And as we have learned, then changes back again.

Now our business is entering the new year and along with the glut of parody porn, which was hailed over the past few years as the new wave, even after its 35-year-old origination, there is a resurgence of romantic porn. Porn for lovers. Imagine that.

Several companies have decided to venture into the couples porn genre either once again or for the first time. New Sensations, Mile High Media and the only studio that is still condomonly, Wicked Pictures, have introduced new lines that take advantage of the renaissance of the woman friendly couples market.

Why now?

Are we done with “Cum Guzzling Rectal Freaks #714?” Hardly.

Have we given up our joy at seeing a woman spit on, gagged, throat-fucked and cummed in her eye? No, not at all. Have the 20-year-olds suddenly turned 35? Has the emergence of more sophisticated adult toy products — the LELO elite — the ones that allow male partners to pleasure their woman in ways that really work, brought partners together in more intimate ways?

One such company marketing pleasure products and educational tools for couples is Holistic Wisdom out of North Carolina. It’s time for satisfaction while watching pornography appropriate to the widening couples, niche audience. It pays to partner up in so many ways these days. Deeper, harder, faster …still?

You decide.

Just Don’t Get Me Started!

Contact Roy at rkpadult@gmail.com or visit RKPadult.com


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