Proud of the Adult Industry

Allison Vivas
The adult industry is in many ways an easy target for those who make it their focus to cast us in a negative light. Whenever this happens, I find it extremely frustrating and a bit ironic, considering that there is so much terrible conduct on the part of individual companies in other business sectors, and somehow that conduct doesn’t make people perceive their whole industry negatively, and I’m not sure why adult is “special” like that. Plus, as a member of it, I know that the adult industry is full of good people, and I personally believe the adult products we produce fulfill our consumer’s rights to enjoy adult entertainment and do so in a harmless and positive way. Our entertainment fulfills private fantasies and often creates a sensation of intimacy and affection that humans naturally desire.

Opponents of the adult industry often use unproven claims to put our industry down. One recent of example is the XXXChurch and their upcoming “Porn Sunday” events, which probably should have been named “Anti-Porn Sunday.” They go about it somewhat cleverly, and mask it with talk about how “Jesus loves porn stars” and that sort of thing – but make no mistake about it: the goal of their campaign is to associate enjoying adult entertainment as something that is shameful and addictive. Pink Visual has written a tongue-in-cheek response to their campaign to point out the flaws in their logic, but I just wonder if these activists and anti-porn forces will ever learn to put their efforts and focus on real issues and real problems. Compulsive over-consumption of porn might be a problem for some, but I hope we can all agree that our country and society has some higher priority problems facing it….?

Adult entertainment, like all forms of indulgence like alcohol and food, should be enjoyed in moderation. I don’t disagree with the XXXChurch on that, but the fact is most consumers do enjoy our products in moderation, that’s why we don’t see average member logins lasting several hours. What I disagree with is the fact that people just try to “bully” our industry and there are so many other really harmful activities going on and the focus on our industry is distracting people from real causes.

Causes like improving the education system in the United States, which continues to decline, should be the priority, and if we don’t fix things like education, they really will be the cause of great harm to our society. A lack of education leads to lower income, which leads to increased crime, poor healthcare and a variety of other problems that are way, way more serious than spending too much time watching porn.

I could go on about a few other topics that I believe are root causes for our real issues in society, like the constant need to create hatred and divisiveness around others who are different then us, rather than a society that truly appreciates and enjoys our differences… and you know what these other topics would have in common? Not one of these true core issues is influenced one bit by the products created and sold by the adult industry.

So I beg those who really care about our society to move on from trying to cast the adult industry in a negative light, and to spend their efforts on more important things. Maybe in that process they will be able to influence more and more people to naturally avoid behaviors of addiction and over-indulgence and accomplish the result that they long to achieve. It’s worth a shot – because simply making the same invalid claims about porn, over and over again, isn’t getting anybody anywhere.