Future of Sex Arrives

Christopher Karwowski
The future promised us flying cars, jet packs and videophones. We’re waiting for those futuristic items, but Charlotte, N.C.-based AEBN, the VOD giant, has created an intimate and oft-requested bit of future fetish: the Real Touch, the first mass-marketed teledildonic device. Real Touch does not actually offer coitus with a PC, but it comes enticingly close. Remote control of devices is nothing new to the wired community.

Cameras around the globe afford us views from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. And our sexual interests can similarly roam the planet finding our perfect match. Until now, those two activities were simply introductions leaving us to meet in person to do what comes naturally. Until now.

Real Touch moves teledildonics from experiment to reality.

Simple electronic pulses sent over the net to the receiver, though novel, only served to remind the early adopters that having sex in person was always superior to virtual reality erotica.

The development of teledildonics has employed the simple (an electric pulse machine tied to a PC) to the elaborate (a fully tricked out Barcalounger with probes, feedback sensors and even stage lighting).

Real Touch gets down to business immediately.

What differentiates Real Touch from previous mechanical strokers is the software that drives the device. AEBN began developing Real Touch by selecting from its vast library and embedding the scenes with electronic control signals that drive the Real Touch device.

The device, which resembles a large, shiny peanut, comes with a power supply, USB cable that’s tethered to a plastic shell containing the guts of the Real Touch. Once plugged in, a lube reservoir is filled with water-based lubricant. The user enables the Real Touch by logging on to AEBN’s website and entering the unit’s serial number to download the drivers and required software.

The lube is distributed along two synthetic belt drives that are controlled by three servomotors. A warming coil warms the inside of the device to simulate friction. The mechanical and electronic aspects of the Real Touch work together to stroke and squeeze the user’s cock to provide a simulation of intercourse.

The Real Touch’s opening also flexes and squeezes the base of the cock to create a seal that simulates the sensation of blowjobs or anal and vaginal sex.

After the show ends, cleaning is simple. The cover slides open and the two belt drives and interior of the casing are rinsed with running water and a mild detergent.

AEBN will unveil Real Touch as a beta launch in November but will release fully in January. Jim “GonZo” McAnally, AEBN’s marketing executive expects it to retail for under $100. Affiliates will continue to earn revenue share on minutes used with Real Touch.