Mobility Is Future of Power

Christoph H. Hermes
Mobile services and applications bring extra raise of revenue: Since the start of selling the Apple iPad the mobile revolution walks on up to the next stage of success. Mobility is more and more important to the people. So be a part of it with your business and convert web traffic into mobile products and use your mobile traffic on your pages with mobile subscriptions or other services.

In Europe, e.g. Germany, monthly payouts of more than $12 a piece for each subscription are normal. The user lifetime is more than five months. It is a matter of fact that around 18-20 percent of German mobile subscribers regularly use their handsets to access the mobile web. That means that nearly 10 million consumers are estimated to make frequent use of services. Around 8 million people use their phones to visit websites (13 percent of phone owners), 4 million write emails (7 percent) and 4 million use downloadable apps (7 percent). The mobile web use is especially popular with the 14-29 age group with around 25 percent using mobile Internet access. Imagine these figures in bigger markets!

In the U.S., people downloaded mobile data of more than 150 billion megabytes during the first half year. That was for sure no all adult traffic but it shows how much potential there is. The mobile business will grow to a mass market and definitely the adult industry will have its position there.

In Asia the mass market is almost there. China, Japan, India, Indonesia are high markets. South Africa has enormous potential. Europe is in a still growing position also. Brazil is coming and so the U.S.

It’s all a question of service, method and billing. The Apps for iPhone or iPad are somehow a way to monetize traffic but there is more in the classic SMS subscription or WAP shop and mobile portals to earn with. Services like video downloads, cam pages, dating portals or communities are basically good for safety income. Good partners are important to work with as long as you will be unable to do everything by yourself. Even though it wouldn’t make sense, because using expertise from partners in special markets, means no waste of time and money.

Mobile business burns and the flame is rising. Newest studies have analyzed that social networks like Facebook will be used more with mobile devices than fix PCs in the future. I think that themes like mobile marketing will therefore have unexpected success and also mobile affiliate programs will grow.

Dear readers let’s keep on working on this nice development and throw new wood into the fire — so that we won’t freeze. Be aware that you do your steps in the right direction, now! Bring your business in the right position for the next decade.

Let me know if you have ideas or questions … see you soon!