First Mobile Affiliate Sees Good Times Ahead

Alex Henderson
Mary Meeker, an Internet trends analyst for Morgan Stanley, has been predicting that in the future, Internet connections via mobile devices will outnumber Internet connections via desktop computers — and her assertion won’t get any argument from René Pour, founder and managing director of the Bratislava, Slovakia-based First Mobile Affiliate.

Founded in May 2009, First Mobile Affiliate is a company that has specialized in mobile solutions for the adult entertainment industry.

First Mobile Affiliate has been growing steadily since its inception one year and a half ago; the company now has a total of 18 full-time employees, and its affiliate program, First Mobile Cash (http://www.firstmobilecash. com), offers a group of mobile-friendly social networking websites that includes and the gay-oriented

Also, First Mobile Affiliate recently launched its mobile video portal

Pour was no stranger to the mobile sector when, with the help of investors, he founded First Mobile Affiliate. Having already spent five years in the mobile field in his pre-First Mobile Affiliate days, he saw enormous growth potential for the mobile adult Internet — and Pour realized that if a mainstream company like the Berlin, Germanybased Jamba!, aka Jamster, could profit from the mobile Internet, there was no reason why adult-oriented companies couldn’t do the same.

“I started in sales, offering mobile marketing solutions and focusing on SMS payment methods for a variety of clients across the industry sectors,” Pour recalled. “With the introduction of iPhone and other smartphones, it was obvious by the end of 2008 that mobile Internet usage was set for an unprecedented growth.”

Pour added: “Having had a five-year experience in the mobile industry at the time and knowing what kind of services tend to be successful, my only challenge was how to work with the affiliates. But in general, I’m a businessperson, and one of my passions is networking and meeting new people — and therefore, I took a chance to build this company.”

Pour doesn’t see the audience for mobile online erotica decreasing in the future; in fact, he predicts that mobile erotica will be dominating the adult Internet.

Asked roughly what percentage of Internet erotica he predicted would be viewed on mobile devices instead of fixed lines five years from now, Pour responded: “It´s very difficult to predict something, especially five years ahead in this fast-growing and dynamic mobile Internet world, but I think that 70-80 percent of consumers will use adult entertainment via mobile phones and tablets like iPad. The rest will be from fixed lines.”

Pour went on to say: “Mobile is considered the most intimate device. Naturally, watching adult entertainment on mobile phones is a highly personal experience, and I am convinced that mobile will soon become the device of choice for consumers interested in adult entertainment. Its use will grow exponentially on a global scale.”

Thinking globally, according to Pour, has been an important part of the marketing efforts of First Mobile Affiliate, which has made a point of understanding and researching the ways in which countries can differ when it comes to selling mobile Internet erotica.

Asked in what respects he thought that adult entertainment - related mobile Internet use in the U. S. will differ from adult entertainment-related mobile Internet use in Europe, Asia or Australia, Pour answered: “The biggest difference is the content and interest in niches. Germans really like the amateur niches, and we feel that in the U.S., special niches like lesbians and BBW are very popular.

In general, mobile entertainment consumers in Europe and Australia have more flexibility in terms of payment options and operator billing. Asia is very specific regarding the regulations and payment possibilities in each region. In my opinion in Asia — from the user point of view — the mobile adult Internet services should be really popular thanks to the high mobile Internet penetration. The challenge is the ARPU, average rate per user, which in addition to Japan, is very low.”

And when Pour was asked in what countries First Mobile Affiliate expected to see the most rapid growth of mobile Internet use for adult content, he replied: “Definitely the BRICI countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia—followed by North America, South Africa and Australia. BRICI countries experience the highest growth of Internet penetration rates. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular tools used for communication and entertainment in all these countries, due to affordability and availability of mobile broadband, as well as steady decline in tariffs and price promotions. I believe these are the key factors affecting the adoption of new digital patterns and mobile Internet consumption and that there is a great future ahead of us for mobile adult entertainment.”

In Europe’s post-communist era, the adult entertainment industry has grown considerably in formerly communist countries that were once part of the Eastern Bloc, including the former Czechoslovakia (which split into two separate countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in early 1993). Slovakia’s capital city of Bratislava, according to Pour, has been an excellent location for First Mobile Affiliate.

“An important factor in the establishment of First Mobile Affiliate in Bratislava was its proximity to Vienna and Vienna Airport: 60 and 30 km, respectively,” Pour noted. “In addition, with the introduction of the euro, Slovakia became very interesting for many foreign investors. The human potential here is also worth mentioning. Last, but not least, my wife is from Slovakia.”

In addition to Pour, key players at First Mobile Affiliate include Ondrej Mlynarcik, head of product house, and Yarka Svalekova, marketing and public relations manager. Pour said that Mlynarcik “has an unbelievable attention to detail and always comes up with the right strategic approach for our products,” and he added that Svalekova “is good at setting the right direction in terms of communications and marketing.”

“The whole team of First Mobile Affiliate has considerably contributed to our progress,” Pour asserted, “and I have rarely seen a company with such a drive and motivation within the entire team.”