3 Questions and Answers from the Show Floor

Allison Vivas
Attending the Adult Entertainment Expo and the Internext Expo, I had the opportunity to speak with consumers, newcomers to the business, industry veterans, and journalists. There are always a few questions that tend to represent a trend and a few questions where I feel I could have been more candid, so I’m using my blog to cover both of those.

The trend questions.

Question 1:

I hear the smaller number of companies exhibiting and smaller space at AEE is reflective of the state of the industry’s recession, would you agree?

My Answer: No. Although there have been industry struggles and obstacles, even if the financial situation of every company was at its top level today, exhibiting in the same ways companies used to just doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s more of a reflection of the digital age where physical goods and presence are just not that necessary, or worth the cost. Super fans are able to develop relationships with their favorite stars through their own personal websites, facebook, twitter, and even live cams. Business deals have been getting done through online communication for years and waiting around for a big buyers show really isn’t feasible in the fast paced market. Yes, some new deals come out of these events but these events are often about meeting in person and relationship building. Lastly, all of this physical presence doesn’t seem to make sense at all. Why are companies and organizers still spending money to print large ads that will be thrown out? Seems like renting a “jumbotron” screen would be more effective and the use of digital screens would be a way to cut costs, and still allow companies opportunities for branding and sponsorships. I mean, a company could even have a live girl talking to the fans as an ad, for example. More to the point, it seems that the event organizers (and this is true of many adult industry events) need to move the exhibition experience into the digital age.

Question 2:

Seems like with all the piracy going on, “live” is really the way to go?

My Answer: Kind of. The live experience is definitely something that should be part of, or complimentary to, any adult studio’s offerings, but what’s really needed is just a better experience for the consumer, generally. From having sleek and easy-to-use interfaces, to offering live content, games and other interactive experiences, all in a way that allows the user to find what appeals to them easily, will help a company create an experience that is hard to match elsewhere. I also believe the portion of the adult consumer market that enjoys the live experience is just that, a portion, and it doesn’t make sense to serve that portion at the exclusion of the larger portion that enjoys recorded video viewing, and may not want the live experience.

Question 3:

So I have an idea for a series of adult videos to start my business, is there a company I can talk to that can help me and do everything?

My Candid Answer: Ummmm, no. No one is going to help another business get started or believe in your ideas as much as you do. In fact, if they are pretty decent ideas, you run the risk of the companies you share the ideas with running off with them before you can even begin to develop them. The only person who can help you is you. You can pay others to do the work you need them to do, but they aren’t ‘helping’ you; they are working for you. So, if you really believe in your idea, go out and get it done.