Janine: "It might happen today."

Gram Ponante
I spoke with Janine Lindemulder a little while before she cleaned up at the AVN awards.

Janine shot her first Penthouse spread in 1987 and, now 37, she has been in and out of the industry ever since. She lives in Eugene, Oregon and is planning to be married this year.

There have been rumors bouncing around that Janine would leave the business because of this, her third walk down the aisle. Janine now says her fiancee will be able to live with her career.

There are more and more successful porn relationships to point to, such as Felicia Fox and Tim Case, who met while working at the Dayton Airport 11 years ago and have been together ever since.

Fox said, "It's not like we don't get mad at each other, but we make sure to talk about it immediately and not let things build up."

Anyway, Janine is excited about her impending marriage, and not in a porn press release "I'm very excited about the new direction our company is heading" sort of way.

"We talked and talked about my continuing to perform," Janine said. "And I had made a conscious decision to be open to a new relationship. Last week he finally decided that he could live with me performing."

It takes a special kind of fella to be able to deal with his wife or girlfriend being not only the object of others' desires but also being the receptacle for them.

"Sex on film isn't intimacy," she said. "That's not to say I don't try to have chemistry with the people I work with. In fact, I need to have some spark with the people I work with. It's just not the same as being in love with them."

I asked what she had planned now that she intended to keep performing.

"I don't have plans other than I'm going to continue. I'm 37. I'm at my sexual peak. People ask me if I'm going to do anal. I'm not sure. I try to be open to things. Pirates was a big thing for me because I can really point to it as being good work. I might do anal. Who knows? It might happen today."

I had to end the interview then and fight off the crowds who stopped and turned, E.F. Hutton commercial-like, as soon as Janine said that.

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