As Sweet as Moire (*) Candy

Acme Andersson
This might seem like an odd time to enter the DVD competition with high-end product, but everyone knows that true artists don’t do things just because the market says it’s a good time. And with Moiré(*)Candy, there are two artists at work, so anything is possible.

The company combines the forces of photographers Louis Moiré and Max Candy, borne of their mutual desire to create product both beautiful and beautifully filthy.

“It wasn’t about business or money, it was more about the passion to make something special,” Candy said. “Our movies are also much more high-end, which makes them more of a product to make money over the long term, not the disposable product that is 95 percent of the current biz.”

Candy got his start doing mainstream photography and videography in Canada. He took an interest in erotic fare about 10 years ago and soon found a profitable niche licensing content to websites.

“The net was just hitting big and there was an incredible thirst for content,” he said. “People were looking for good material for the net and willing to pay well. Those boom years cemented my life in porn.”

Moiré began in art and fashion photography in Germany. His clients kept requesting increasingly risqué product, and he listened.

“Clients demanded more and more naughtiness,” Moiré said. “I got harder, but kept it artistic.”

One might think that combining the forces of two photographers might be a collision course, with egos struggling for domination, but Candy says it isn’t like that at all.

“We have always been a company where all ideas are considered and the best one used,” Candy said. “Everyone gets as much input as they like. Working as a group without ego is one of the secrets to our success.”

Another success secret is the contract performer, and Moiré(*)Candy has two in Keana Moiré (Louis’ significant other) and hardcore veteran Claudia Rossi, both of whom signed on with the company last year.

“In Europe the contract girl thing has really not caught on,” Candy said.

Andrew Blake and Michael Ninn heavily influence the Moiré(*)Candy formula “with a dose of Rocco.”

“We’re into making dirty, nasty, beautiful porn,” Candy said. “We think differently, try new things. And Louis always creates something special, thanks to years of artistic photography training mixed with a very naughty sexual imagination.”


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