Webbilling Visits Three Hub Cities

Joe D

We’ve had Webbilling.com on the move! Ines Petersen and I have been on the road making office visits a priority for the remainder of 2010. With the number of tradeshows down this year and likely even fewer next year, we’ve focused on the personal touch, visiting key cities where we can generate the most meetings with potential and existing Merchants. Meeting someone on their home turf really changes the relationship. I know some people are touting electronic meetings, but for me there is nothing like real face-to-face, especially at the beginning, and especially with the people who handle your money.

For a long time merchants were complacent with their credit card billing, but this year most companies really started considering the revenue possibilities afforded by adjusting their merchant accounts and credit cascades and adding other non-card billing and mobile methods. We’ve been to Toronto, LA and San Francisco already, visiting major cam, dating, sponsor program, billing, online gaming and virtual world Merchants; next stop is Phoenix and a return to San Francisco.

Webbilling.com has focused on the use of direct debit for the conversion of European traffic with the same immediacy, ease, and with the same marketing capability and tools enjoyed with credit card billing, but no card of any kind is required of the user. Webbilling provides banking focused products, maximizing EU revenue from users already on your sites but unable to pay. The solutions include the ability to provide immediate access, recurring billing, free and paid trials, cross sales, up sells, escalating security levels, pay-per-anything packages, encrypted one-click joins for additional marketing, and flexible customized risk management systems.

Keep all your existing billing solutions in place; just optimize Webbilling to maximize your EUR and GBP revenue in the largest EU markets. Same Traffic = More Joins. Found money! – you’ve already done all the work and these customers are on your sites.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting in your city – and watch for us at the Internext, Xbiz LA, and Phoenix Forum tradeshows to start off 2011 with a bang. Schedule a trade show appointment or conference call so we can show you exactly how you can leverage current economic conditions for your specific products and programs utilizing the Webbilling.com online payment solutions for Europe – write us at Marketing@Webbilling.com right now.

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