Startups: Where to start and what to outsource

Brad Gosse

@DerekDwreckOHC (profile may not be safe for work) Asked me about how to get started and what to outsource. I think this is a tough question because everyone has a different set of resources to work with.

My best advice is to work on the stuff you are good at and outsource whatever you don’t know. The worst thing you can do as a startup is try to learn everything AND do everything. The learning will slow you down. It’s much easier to deal with professional designers and programmers than it is to try to become one.

As a for instance we do all our own video post production because:
1. We have the equipment
2. We have a trained Final Cut Professional in house
3. It’s faster to do the work than it is to explain what needs to be done

If those 3 things were not true I would hire someone to do my vid production pre and post.
If you have any advice for startups let’s get a dialog going here. I would love to hear your tips for people just trying to build their companies. Thanks in advance for sharing!