Sexalicious David Dakota

JC Adams
You know what they say about Southern California, right? You shake a palm tree and a beautiful blond falls out. That sun-kissed ideal is exemplified by sexalicious newcomer David Dakota, who looks as if he could have stepped off the set of a 1982 beach blanket romp directed by William Higgins.

But this handsome newcomer, with his bright grin and smoothly muscular physique, is very of-the-moment. Like many popular stars, he was discovered on the Internet. We can thank the eagle-eyed talent scouts over at for snagging him; his blue-movie debut can be found in Sean Cody’s “Auditions 20.”

On the DVD side, director Kristofer Weston took note and added Dakota to the cast of the recent Buckshot Productions fuck flick “Splish Splash.” Hot House Video didn’t waste any time, either — they grabbed him for “Trunks 5” and quickly made his vignette available online to get a jump on his other movies and to satiate Dakota’s fan base of online voyeurs.

But it was Jet Set Productions who signed Dakota to a year-long exclusive contract and put him right to work. He spoke to XBIZ in between filming scenes for the first movie under his new contract.

So how did it feel performing in front of a camera for the first time?

“I was extremely nervous. I couldn’t get hard or stay hard, which is unusual for me! I’m erect all the time! It took me over four hours to shoot the scene,” he recalled.

“By the time it was over I had a blister on the head of my dick from jacking off for so long. Painful!”

Dakota, 32 (he’s a Capricorn, for the Zodiac minded) was born and raised in Wisconsin and currently lives in Minnesota, far from the porn-centric right or left coasts. He’s enjoying the spotlight when he chooses to step into it, and appreciates that he has a bit of life experience under his belt. “I’m getting into the business much later than most guys,” he admits. “My plan is to enjoy it while it lasts. There’s nothing better than to travel around and get paid to have sex with super-hot guys. On top of all this, signing an exclusive contract with Jet Set was the frosting on the cake.”

He chose “Dakota” for his porn surname merely for its alliterative match to “David,” which is his father’s name.

“I named myself after him to possibly soften the blow when my parents discover my new profession,” said Dakota.

He’s already learned a few tricks of the trade — and experienced a stumble or two.

‘I was preparing for a scene and had the opportunity to try [an enema] for the first time,” he said. “I was a little embarrassed that I had never used one before, so I didn’t ask for instructions. Big mistake! I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but needless to say I was not dehydrated that day.”

Dakota recommends you lace up to build a physique like his. “I run and lift every other day. I usually run about eight miles and then do a full-body workout when I lift.”

All of that time spent pumping iron has led to a fantasy he has yet to fulfill onscreen (or in real life).

“I would really like to do a film in a gym. All of the workout equipment would make a great sexual jungle gym. Whenever I lift I try to devise sex positions on the different weight machines. I sometimes get weird looks, but it makes the workout more entertaining!”

Dakota’s exhibitionist streak is stoked by his new career and he believes it shows in his recent work.

“I love porn! I love watching it and I love making it. I hope the fans enjoy the scenes as much as I enjoy making them.”

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