Evil Chris and the VODMoney Program Overhaul

Joe D
The pioneering Video-on-Demand program VODMoney.com announced changes and enhancements to their VOD platform recently. The New Jersey based program has also added my friend, the accomplished online Internet veteran, Chris Roger (Evil Chris) to their staff. "It's been a bit of a crazy couple of years in the business," Chris told me, "and I'm happy to join the VODMoney team. They have an extremely solid product and their track record and longevity in the VOD market is a testament to their professionalism."

VODMoney CEO, Nikita, stated, "We are excited to have Chris on our Team. Chris has made an immediate impact on VODMoney. In a short time, we've made significant enhancements to not only the cash program itself, but to our Turn-Key VOD sites (theatres) as well. The hard-earned time-tested experience in online adult Chris brings to bear for us is already bearing fruit."

VODMoney has recently made strides to substantially improve Stats Reporting, making it much easier for their affiliates to pull their links and analyze their data. Complementing this improvement, VODMoney affiliates will immediately notice an all-new layout and format of the Turn-Key VOD sites. "This up-to-date design and layout is already performing better and exceeding our own expectations," Chris added. "We went into these changes knowing full well that the VOD model is completely different from (for example) the paysite (membership) model. What's more, consumer use of VOD is on the rise, and we want to offer the very best product and service possible. We are not stopping there,” Chris continued, “We are committed to carrying out more updates in the coming weeks and months that will serve not only our affiliate partners well, but provide more benefit and satisfaction to our consumers as well.”

The VODMoney consumer sites (including www.xtothemax.com) offer a TRUE HD experience with their 1080P downloads. Customers can rent, stream or download from a choice of over 100,000 titles in every niche, making VODMoney a very important player in the VOD marketplace.

Chris can be reached at evilchris@vodmoney.com, or directly through the program, www.vodmoney.com.