Vanity Unleashed

Ariana Rodriguez
At July's ANME Founders Show, CalExotics' grandiose booth included a spotlighted preview of the Vanity by Jopen collection. This month, the line officially launches as Cal Exotics' brand for the sophisticated emerging mass market.

Vanity by Jopen is a 12-piece collection of silicone, rechargeable and waterproof massagers.

“The inspiration for this line was our willingness to put our efforts into a whole new category that is just beginning to establish itself around the world — luxurious products with a high level of sophistication, where price is not always the deciding factor when making a purchase,” said Jackie White, CalExotics’ vice president of sales.

According to the company, the luxury adult products category is growing quickly and CalExotics is making a long-term commitment in development dollars to the category, which is greatly characterized by sophisticated technology.

“Our intention is to create products that have a luxurious feel that embrace and support green technology through renewable energy supply,” White added. “These products are not just waterproof; they are rated for full immersion.”

Vanity’s features also include: lithium ion battery, independent dual motors or synchronous dual vibrating motors plus independent rotation, incremental speed control, ergonomically shaped design with a satin finish, security travel lock, LED recharging light, one-year warranty and an optional 10-year warranty. Additionally, the massagers feature PowerBullet technology.

“PowerBullet has established itself in the market by delivering the power that others have not been able to achieve,” said Al Bloom, CalExotics’ director of marketing. “Their technology is the basis for the incredible power of the Vanity line. Our partnership with PowerBullet was established out of mutual respect for each other’s abilities to see this through to the finished product and we are sure that consumers will absolutely feel the difference. The reliability of their technology was also a big part in this venture along with their unquestionable power.”

In designing the Vanity line, CalExotics relied on its years of experience. Susan Colvin, CalExotics’ president and founder, said that each of the line’s noteworthy features listed above were earmarked as “must-haves” from the very beginning.

“Each Vanity product is a true work of art, sculpted and shaped to fit the natural shape of a woman,” she said. “Simply creating a shape does not necessarily assure satisfaction, and our years of trying new and different angles and body styles led to the creation of every item in the line. This was not a haphazard exercise in just creating something different, but rather, each body style embodies our years of successful experimentation. With dual-use ends, with dual motors, the Vanity products are very versatile presenting many more options of use than anything else in the market.”

According to Bloom, CalExotics’ publicity department is keying in on mainstream publications to support and publicize the Vanity line as a groundbreaking mass appeal venture — which will be beneficial to adult retailers offering the line.

In addition, CalExotics is offering retailers fully assembled, free-standing, laminated wood displays with locking storage base and lights that will be available as a no-charge marketing tool with a minimum stock buy-in. Each display includes a digital video monitor pre-loaded with an animated presentation with sound.

“This animation was created at great expense to highlight all of the unique features of the Vanity line, and will draw customers to the display at retail,” Bloom said. “Each display will be supplied with a full set of testers for all 12 items on a no-charge basis. We want retail customers to touch, feel and experience the power level available. With dual and triple motors, the Vanity line is unlike anything released so far.”

Bloom said CalExotics has long been producing promotional videos and now has more than three volumes of “Toy Time” and more than 400 product demo videos; however, Vanity is different.

“Vanity called for a new approach, and the animation created to educate consumers about all the features of the Vanity line will set a whole new standard for in-store and online promotion,” Bloom said. “The animation is available on a no-charge basis.”

While Vanity will officially be available at the end of the month, Bloom said that based on preorders taken at ANME, concurrently there will be hundreds of displays placed in retail locations throughout the U.S.