What's Piracy Got To Do With It?

Diane Duke
There has been a great deal of discussion about the appropriate role the Free Speech Coalition plays in copyright, piracy and monetization of content in an ever-changing digital environment. I’d like to clarify FSC’s role as it pertains to copyright protection and to offer a specific example of how your trade association is working for you.

Free Speech Coalition’s mission is to “lead, protect and support the growth and wellbeing of the adult entertainment community.” We are your trade association.

As your trade association, FSC would be downright negligent if it ignored one of the biggest challenges to the industry as we know it. It is not our charge to develop a business model or strategy for your company’s ongoing success, it is our charge to provide the information and resources you need to make sound business decisions for today as well as tomorrow.

In keeping with that charge, we have gathered some of the great minds from mainstream entertainment, complimented them with some of the great minds from the adult entertainment industry and developed a summit Nov. 18 at the Universal Sheraton in Universal City, Calif., designed to highlight content challenges and opportunities in today’s everchanging digital environment. Below are some of the subjects and speakers featured in the summit:

Technology Show and Tell — Copyrighted Content’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?
Featured speaker: Dr. Kelly Truelove, Truelove Research; with Michael DeSanctis, Jenner & Block, LLP; Steven Fabrizio, Jenner & Block, LLP; George Borkowski, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP.
Dr. Truelove is a leading technology expert who has been closely involved in numerous ground breaking anti-piracy cases. Dr. Truelove will walk through a live presentation of some of the more threatening pirate sites and will explain how they work and why they should be of concern to the adult content industry. Likewise, he will discuss cites that manage content more responsibly and the existing technologies, such as audio and video fingerprinting, that allow them to do so. He will also discuss the next generation of technologies and websites on the horizon — some that are threats and some that promise business opportunities and how to manage these technologies to maximize the potential for your business’ bottom line.

To Sue or Not to Sue and What’s to Gain?
Speakers: Harvey Geller, Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, UMG Recordings, Inc.; Steve Kang, Senior Counsel, Anti-Piracy Legal Affairs, NBC-Universal; Alasdair McMullan, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs, EMI Music North America; Gill Sperlein, General Counsel, Titan Media; George Borkowski, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP.
This panel will be comprised of outside and in-house lawyers who have handled some of the highest profile anti-piracy cases across content industries. This panel will help businesses as they consider the cost-benefit analysis of copyright litigation. Topics will include a discussion of the current legal and enforcement landscape, what content owners realistically can expect to gain through litigation, when it might be more advantageous to seek business solutions either in conjunction with or instead of litigation and what types of business solutions to consider.

Is Mainstream Entertainment Making Money in This New Environment?
Speakers: Dean Garfield, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, MPAA; David Kaplan, Vice President, Anti- Piracy, Warner Bros. Studios; David Ring, Vice President Business Development & Business Affairs, UMG Recordings, Inc.; Steven Englund, Jenner & Block LLP.
This panel will feature leaders from the music, movie, television and video games industries discussing the business lessons learned from their years of experience. What works, what doesn’t work and why. Topics will include content exploitation and protection strategies, and will focus on the possibility of exploiting potential business and promotional opportunities that the on-line environment presents through licensing and other business models.

Adult Entertainment Industry Leaders — Thinking Outside the Box
Speakers: Scott Coffman, Founder and President of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN); Steve Hirsch, Managing Partner of Vivid Entertainment LLC, Vivid Entertainment.
This panel will feature a lively discussion between two of the adult content industry’s leading strategic thinkers: Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment and Scott Coffman of AEBN. Vivid and AEBN recently underwent copyright litigation involving AEBN’s website.

As your trade association, it is FSC’s responsibility to speak to our partners in mainstream entertainment, to make sure that the adult entertainment industry has a place at the table in discussions of copyright laws and regulations and to use our relationships to access the best information and resources available for our members. Of course, we will continue to be the watchdog for the industry against government oppression, but we will also work to eliminate other barriers to your success while simultaneously alerting you to potential opportunities. We are FSC, your full-service trade association and we are proud to serve the adult entertainment industry.

For more information, or for reservations, call FSC at (818) 348-9373.


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