Hotbod Ty Colt's Star Rises

JC Adams
Sexy, muscle-bound studs are blessedly common in gay adult, but even so, 21-year-old hotbod Ty Colt represents a particularly fine example of the type. The newly minted Falcon Studios exclusive makes his erotic film debut in the forthcoming “Asylum” — in fact, Falcon chose to trumpet Colt’s appearance by giving the young buck prime placement on the DVD insert. His cocky grin and ridged abs are impossible to miss.

He also anchors the March 2009 edition of Men magazine — not Freshmen magazine — where you might expect to find someone of his age.

Colt was born in Poland in 1988, and when he was a toddler his family eventually moved to the United States and settled in the Midwest. As his bulging physique clearly attests, Colt grew up with an intense interest in athletics and physical fitness.

“I’ve always been very athletic,” he told XBIZ. “At about 16 years old I was participating in track and field events. To keep in shape, I had started some weight training and I really liked how my body began looking. And so over the next couple of years I got more serious with the weights.”

Colt was so dedicated to crafting an ideal physique that he entered his first physique competition at 19. “You have to be obsessive,” he said about his workout regimen. “I really watch my carbohydrate intake: breads, rice, pastas are a big no-no. I eat lots of tuna, chicken and turkey breast. And I love my vegetables. I also do a good 30 minutes of cardio every day.”

He made quite an impression strutting across the stage and in competitions, his taut muscles gleaming under the spotlights. Model scouts inevitably took notice and proffered business cards as they uttered one promise after another to lure him into their fold.

“I had entered a few physique/bodybuilding competitions and was approached a lot,” he confirms, “but I just never got around to following up.”

Money talks, however. “A friend of mine had heard you could make a lot of money doing erotic modeling,” he recalled. “So we sent a few photos out and before I knew it, I was signed up with Falcon.”

He praised the venerable studio for being “incredibly cool and patient” as he worked on the finer points of stripping and providing an erotic show for the cameras. Colt initially appeared on, a pro/am site the company debuted in 2008 to take advantage of a surge of interest among consumers in the gay-for-pay genre. The website also serves as something of a farm team for the studio; certain players have plucked to anchor erotic vignettes on DVD once they’ve had a chance to carve a few notches on the bedpost.

‘Ty Colt certainly had all the ingredients,” said Troy Prickett, Falcon’s director of promotions. “He’s obviously blond and handsome and masculine — and that body! There was no debate at all about signing him. All we had to do was pass his picture around the office.”

Colt is sanguine about his experience to date in the adult business. “I really jumped into it with zero experience and zero expectations. The first time was actually a big rush — I realized I liked doing this after that first time.”

The experience of shooting a film versus a web vignette offered challenges that he enjoyed. “Doing my first movie was way different than the stuff I’ve done for FalconStr8Men. Shooting the film took two days, but doing the web stuff takes about two hours,” he said. “The film work was way cooler and a lot more fun. I got to play a character [in ‘Asylum’], a weird doctor that fucks around with [costars] Erik Rhodes and Rod Daily.”

He’s also learned a thing or three about himself. “Oh, I have definitely come to realize I am an exhibitionist. Taking my clothes off and being naked is a big turn-on for me. I’ve been to California several times now and I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can visit my first nude beach.”

Colt is anxiously awaiting the public response to his work. “I seriously haven’t had a chance to even think about a future with porn yet,” he said. “I’m going to wait and see how people like the work I do before I decide if I’m going to stick with this long-term.”

The idea that he might develop a public persona as an erotic performer is an exciting — and perplexing — turn of events. “Thinking that anyone is jerking off to me is bizarre,” he said. “Until I actually meet a stranger that tells me he’s jerked off to me I’ll have a hard time believing it.” So if you’re hanging around a physique competition, or a California nude beach, and you spot the young hunk flexing his taut bod, feel free to sidle up and tell him what you think.

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