WIA Profile: Courtney Trouble

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What is your role and responsibility at Courtney Trouble Productions?

I try not to see any of the daily challenges I face as being directly related to being a woman. Most of my roadblocks actually seem to come from other places.

I am the sole owner of No Fauxxx, an all-inclusive (hetero, GLBT, trans, kink, BBW, etc) sex-positive queer porn site that I founded in 2002. I have directed and produced 11 full-length films this year. I’ve worked with Good Releasing and am now shopping ideas to producers (hello! want me?) and producing my own DVD for No Fauxxx. I am also launching a new porn site called QueerPorn.TV as we speak, that will have hardcore, authentic queer sex, user uploads and live streaming scenes and shows. I also perform in porn and love working with folks like Jiz Lee, April Flores, and Kelly Shibari.

Describe a typical Monday at your desk.

Yawn, stretch, purr! A big cup of coffee after I walk my dog (a two-year-old Chihuahua named Cookie Party) and about two hours of emails, Twitter responses, and Facebook messages to get through. Edit a scene or a photoset update for No Fauxxx, check in with any performers I’m working with that week, and scour the Internet for new markets to branch into. I am entirely focused on making queer porn a viable genre in the adult industry, so putting my name and work just about everywhere is a daily project. I do, however, take long lunches with my dog at the park.

What is the biggest challenge of being a woman in the adult business?

I try not to see any of the daily challenges I face as being directly related to being a woman. Most of my roadblocks actually seem to come from other places. For instance, my class (I am not a rich lady!) prohibits me from being able to fund my own projects fully at this time, and my size and sexual orientation really hinder me from getting more work as a performer. I think though, as a director, being a woman (a queer one, at that) actually helps me a great deal. It’s a stereotype through and through, but I think people trust my work a lot more because it’s from a “feminine point of view” — not to say that my porn isn’t extremely hardcore, perverted, and yes, objectifying. But because I’m a woman I think female audiences might be more open to watching my work.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Sexual freedom and constant education on sexuality and gender is one extremely rewarding aspect of being a producer, director, and performer all around. Also, setting my own hours and working from home —the autonomy of being a small business owner, is so rewarding to me. I am my own boss, and when I’ve done a great job on something, it all comes back to me. The rewards of that freedom are so gratifying.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

I play music, the drums and guitar, and spend a lot of time traveling, spending time with my family, and close friends. I have a tendency to be all-work-all-the-time, but these hobbies of mine are so separate from my work and keep me balanced.