Billing EU Direct Debit on 8000 Handsets

Joe D

I suppose you could call me a lagging indicator where technology is concerned. Certainly the early adopters have it all over me, but I am watching everything and trying to keep up in the cerebral sense if not in practice. Webbilling.com has added surfer specific join pages for display to smartphone users, but now to non-smart phone users as well - and we're talking about thousands of older handset types.

Something I've recently learned and been talking about is that mobile users surfing on WiFi cannot take advantage of their carrier billing methods because at the moment of purchase they are not surfing on their networks! On WiFi they must pay via credit card or Direct Debit, so if you do not offer direct debit to your mobile EU surfers, you are losing revenue. A report by WiFi locator WeFi indicates increasing numbers of mobile users are using hot spots over 3G. The report stats comparing Wi-Fi usage with 3G use demonstrated users consuming less than 100 MB monthly are perfectly happy with 3G. The higher the user data consumption, however, the more likely the consumer is to turn to Wi-Fi instead of 3G, even on smartphones. This will become an increasing concern to carriers wanting to convert everyone to 3G. These statistics prove much that we already know - that smartphone owners go online often, and stay online for longer periods than ever before. This bodes well for the m-commerce segment ;-) As more and more users search for and enter their preferred websites via mobile, merchants need the ability to accept payments by all methods to maximize revenues. Capture every possible join - so you've got to offer card and non-card join options on your mobile pages too.

We all know, the easier it is for the visitor to pay, the easier the join, so it is mandatory to cater to the surfing needs of every user online when it comes to billing, regardless of how they arrive.

Webbilling.com offers two very effective billing methods for Europe: Direct Debit (where funds are withdrawn directly from the end customers’ bank accounts) and Advanced Direct Pay (where the user can take advantage of the ability to wire money to local bank accounts), and more on the way. Education in the credit and debt culture in Europe is the first step in understanding how the Webbilling solutions can add significant revenue to the bottom line of every ecommerce enterprise with EU traffic, without cannibalizing merchants’ credit card sales. These potential non-card users are in your current traffic; merchants must ensure they are able to take their payments, and now that includes payments while surfing on just about every handset known to man.

Not mobile ready? Regardless of your present mobile operational level, please forward any question regarding monetization of your mobile traffic from A to Z. For more information on the Webbilling.com non-card payment platform for Europe, applications for mobile, mobile traffic conversion, and the best affiliate payout option, please write to: Marketing@Webbilling.com. right now.

Source: Smartphone Wi-Fi Usage on the Rise