Phoenix Marie's Sexy Slice of Life

Michael McClay
The road to the riches on the Internet has many paths. Phoenix Marie has found her way front stage and center in the battle for Internet popularity. Since her career began early last year, she has not only has been a consistently in-demand performer on DVD, but she is now locked into a successful reality-based formula on her website that fits into her laid-back lifestyle.

In a business that’s dealing with the economic crunch, on-camera talent has been placing their bets on the Internet to fill in gaps between gigs. It’s now mandatory for both onscreen and offscreen talent to have a well-maintained Internet presence. Marie admits that her foray into an accelerated Internet presence however, was based more on her penchant for adventure, rather than economics.

“The whole thing came about so casually,” Marie told XBIZ. “In retrospect I didn’t even have a clue how important this new career direction would be. I’d been doing pretty well. No complaints. I have worked for all the best producers and directors and they are happy with my work. So when I linked up with Reality Kings and their partners, I had no unrealistic expectations.”

The company was impressed with her work on Milf Hunters, one of its sites under the Reality Kings banner. Even today, her “Hooked On Phoenix” segment is still rated as one of its most frequently viewed on the entire site network. So when Muffia approached her to create a site they asked her if she’d done POVs. She admitted she knew nothing about it, but was willing to give it a shot. Unconcerned, they encouraged her to see what develops and “be yourself,” they told her.

“It sounded like a lot of fun. If it worked, okay; if not, well I don’t get too bent out of shape if something doesn’t click, I move on,” Marie said. “So the deal was that I would just go around and shoot whatever I wanted in my daily life as a porn actress with my friends, doing whatever we’d either planned or even tailored for the shoot.”

Marie admits she enjoys the sex working for others and was having a great time. So she thought, why not? Doing it this way on her days off sounded like a lark with lucrative potential.

She signed a contract under which she shoots raw footage that they edit, post and promote with the proviso that it’s on a consistent basis. So after learning some camera basics she brought in her circle of pro and non-pro friends to fit this new venture into her lifestyle.

“It’s a cool concept because it’s all real,” she said. “It’s not like a traditional shoot where everything is worked out. Nothing is scripted. It’s the real thing and we really get off. We’re all professionals in the business who film ourselves as friends having a good time fucking each other’s brains out when we’re off work. I mean that’s our business — fucking — and we do that for a living. But just like anyone else, we like to mess around and this way we can get off without thinking about the technique on bigtime porn shoots.

“Using non-pros freshens the mix and brings that touch of reality,” she says. “We network and there are no restrictions on who we use — no age limits over 18. If I like the guy or the gal or whomever, I’m good to go. No one is too skinny, too fat, too old, too young, too big, or even too small (laughs). Sometimes I get the guys on my own. I’m a real tomboy and so I have a lot of guy friends, so if I like them I’ll ask them who have they banged lately or who they would like to bang. My other girlfriends do the same thing. The rules are: no rules. I grab the camera and go, just me and whoever I’ve picked.”

Her work in this venue has turned a lot of heads and has resulted in a growing site membership. Because of her knowledge and experience in things technical, her ability to hold a camera and even exchange it with others during a scene are astonishingly professional-looking most of the time. She admits she makes a lot of goofs but considering it’s reality based, the tolerances for slip-ups are acceptable.

“Something about me being a dork and being real must have something to do with the success,” Marie opined. “I laugh off the bloopers because I’m having a good time. Hopefully it looks great. An authentic realist, she never aspired to be a Jenna or Tera. “I just want make a living and have fun doing it.

“As this whole thing began to take off, I figured that I had to set aside my time more formally, so now I shoot on Wednesdays and work for others the rest of the time. But it’s all up to everyone’s schedule. If someone’s unavailable there’s always somebody else.

“I’m not really a features girl. I’m gonzo on DVD and now I’m an Internet girl. I love doing my own stuff and bang it out in two hours, while a regular shoot can take up to 14. I mean I give the big shoots my all. Many times I even request retakes because I feel an obligation to do it right when others hire me.

“In everything I do, I just want to be me. Just go in there and get fucked silly. Afterwards when the mascara’s running, my legs wobbly, the hair fucked up and everything covered with bodily fluids, I’m happy.”

Marie is open to anything and rules out nothing. “There are still many things I haven’t done because I want to try them out before plunking my ass down on a cock in front of the lens. I’ve got no restrictions anywhere in my life. My attitude is: ‘bring it on, bitch!’”


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