SexGoesMobile Implements Webbilling Join Page in Europe

Joe D
Did you know that SexGoesMobile is Europe’s top mobile affiliate program? And they've added the Webilling.com payment pages optimized for mobile to their payment options for EU users. They support more than 8,000 handset devices for delivery of video, live video chat services, provide a German dating program, and payment options via SMS in 51 countries, plus credit card billing for the rest of the world. Now they offer the additional Webbilling Direct Debit option to convert additional EU users. Every user in your traffic can pay! It makes perfect sense to add the Webbilling mobile pages - one of the most famous EU alternative revenue generating billers!

Mobile Billing Factoid: One of the top reasons for adding Webbilling.com is that many Smartphone users in Europe are browsing the mobile Web via a WiFi connection rather than via 3G. These users cannot be billed on their mobile bill because WiFi is their priority connection at the browsing moment when they make the purchase decision.

These WiFi users are offered credit card services, but because of the traditionally low credit card penetration in Europe, SexGoesMobile is continually adding new options to convert best for their affiliates as traffic comes in from around the world.

“With Webbilling.com we found the perfect alternative payment method to complement our existing mobile billing and credit card relationships,” SexGoesMobile CEO, Christian Kreul told me. “We discovered that many phone users are using WiFi connections to browse the mobile Internet, so we are not able to charge them through a mobile billing mechanism. Up until now, we’ve offered these users only the credit card payment option, but not many users have them and many users in Europe are afraid to enter their credit card details on a mobile phone. As direct debit is the primary payment method especially in Germany, users feel more comfortable to use a payment method which they trust in their daily life. After a two week trial we saw a phenomenal acceptance of the Webbilling option. This results in much more profit for our webmaster affiliates and collaborative partners.”

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