WIA Profile: Jelena Jensen

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How did you get into what you’re doing?

I’m completely self-taught and it’s been quite the journey. I officially launched my affiliate program,, in October 2008.

I started working in the online adult business at the ripe young age of 19, while I was still in college. I took a job at as their product manager. As their marketing manager, I was in charge of our booth at AEE and Erotica LA. I was exposed to more of the business this way and after AEE in 2003, I started doing nude glamour modeling.
At first I only planned on doing it for a year or so to help pay off student debt, but after about six months I was booking so much work that I had to quit my job at Jaded. After realizing the potential and advantages of having my own site, I launched my official website,, in August 2004. At that time, Brian Gage, who now runs the Brand Danger program, was my webmaster but we amicably parted ways after only six months. At that time I took over my site on my own and I haven’t looked back!
I’m completely self-taught and it’s been quite the journey. I officially launched my affiliate program,, in October 2008. Though I plan on rebranding my program later this year as I’ve signed on two other girls’ websites to my program. I will soon be relaunching Maggie Green’s website and fellow Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely’s website

What changes have affected your work since you began it?

The industry as a whole has migrated away from the age of the Glamour Model.
When I first started in the business, it was very easy to find softcore glamour work all the time that paid very well. But that’s not the case anymore as everything in the adult business has become harder and more extreme. So as the business has changed and evolved, I have also had to change and evolve. Last year I made the large leap into the hardcore arena mostly because of this.

What do you see as the challenges to working in online adult and how do you overcome them?

Online adult moves at such a rapid pace, it is almost impossible to keep up with the changing technology, as well as the changes in the ways that the end user expects you to deliver the content.
The obvious rampant theft of content and prolification of free content is a battle that is never won, but constantly waged. I continuously strive to give my members quality content and offer them an experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

Does your work affect your personal life?

Yes it does, though it mostly just detracts from my free time. When you work for yourself you always put in more time that you would working for another company.
I take my job very seriously and I’m strong-willed and driven, which causes me to spend more time working than I really should. When I’m not traveling for shoots, conferences or appearances, I’m sitting in front of one of my computers hard at work.


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