Adult Biz Eyes Twitterverse

James Edwards
The new phenomenon in computing is, of course, mobile computing. Today more potential customers of adult content are found walking around fiddling with their mobile devices than behind computer screens. Emerging out this wireless paradigm appears Twitter.com — nothing unique about Twitter, just a way to broadcast messages to multiple mobile users. Yet what is so unique about HTML and the browser? Nothing at all — aside form the fact that they have become the standard for worldwide information sharing over the Internet.

The same holds for Twitter. Twitter has become the defacto standard for social networking among mobile users. Granted, the adult webmaster can sign up customers for text messages using any API, yet it is far more likely people will sign up to Twitter — simply because Twitter is considered the safe, familiar choice.

Politicians, celebrities and religious groups are now rushing to tweet. Twitter has what all adult webmasters crave — an air of legitimacy. Adult customers can easily join your Twitter pages feeling the same assurance as they would performing a search on Google.

Kelly Shibari of HourGlass8.com has been at the forefront of designing adult marketing strategies for social networking sites. Shibari finds social networking a more attractive sell for the adult businessperson.

“The game is less about cum and see me and more about get to know me followed by, I’d love get to know each other better,” Shibari said.

She distinguishes this form of marketing from bold flashy content that grabs someone’s attention, interruption marketing — interrupting the normal flow of customer consciousness to make them notice your product.

Shibari also sees an additional benefit to social networking software that she refers to as the “people like me” phenomena. The theory goes that everyone tends to hang with people like themselves, and more importantly, take advice from people with a similar ascetic as theirs. This means that as the adult webmaster promotes content through Twitter, they gain lists of “followers” — a Twitter term. These followers will probably all browse each other’s Twitter profiles and find out what other cool content that people like me follow.

If you have 100 people following your twitter account, all of your followers will attract new follows to your account based on who they are networked with. This not only insures a constantly expanding base of customers (as long as Twitter expands) without the need for expensive advertising, it implies new followers will be people like me and interested in adult content.

Twitter is easy to master if you have just a little technical savvy. In most cases, you won’t want to post all your material real-time, especially if you are shooting for a world-wide network. Great Twitter schedulers such as Twaitter.com, LaterBro.com, and Twuffer.com allow the adult webmaster to schedule weeks in advance the sending of erotic text, announcements, and most importantly, short links to tantalizing content.

Twitter is also easy to integrate with your own website, because it provides a free API that enables one the ability to login users, send messages, search, and analyze trends. You can download this API at apiwiki.twitter.com. The API comes with many libraries that interface with PHP, Java, C++, and even PL/SQL.

Not all adult content gurus are convinced of Twitter’s greatness. “I am unconvinced of Twitter’s effectiveness as a marketing tool,” said Graham Ponante of GramPonante.com, “except in its office as something that everyone is doing.”

This critique of Twitter might be reason enough for the adult webmaster to start tweeting in these tough times — simply to promote their content through the medium that everyone is doing.