Another Trade Show!

Joe D
The Webbilling.com Team provides EU non-card payment coverage through its European Direct Banking and Direct Transfer solutions for users with no credit cards, which greatly increases bottom-line revenue from current e-commerce site Web traffic. We will be attending the upcoming August AVN Show in Hollywood, Florida in just a few weeks.

Consumer behavior has evolved over the years, but their payment habits change very little, and we’d love to talk to you about it. If you really want the largest possible share of European online revenue the EU credit and debt culture dictates that you offer Direct Debit/non-card payment methods in addition to credit card join options to capture the most joins from your traffic. How much more revenue? That really depends on your content and offerings, but rest assured, it’s money you are not earning now, so why leave it for someone else?

No card of any kind is required of the user – no Payment Community to Join – Real Impulse Buying.

August AVN will take place from August 5th through 8th, and if you are attending you owe it to yourself at least to talk to me ;-D Schedule a brief meeting now to find out how easy it is to match the Webbilling non-card capability with every other payment method you are using – because you are leaving money on the table without it.

We have a bag of money for you if you’ll implement, so schedule an appointment for the show - please write: Marketing@Webbilling.com Now!